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***TRAIL RIDE*** DeJA Club Ride @ Rausch Creek Saturday October 1 All Welcome!



Moog vs Spicer Ujoints.



TJ tow hooks





Dell 22" computer monitor NIB $50


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  • If a Sunday group works, I will come up sat night around 9:30pm. Partake in beer and campfires Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  • sandtostand -

    Replied to the thread Moog vs Spicer Ujoints..

    that's all I used up until my driveshaft replacement after installing the long arm kit. They held up good especially considering all of the water and mud that I use to play in til Aaron scolded me
  • deadfeat -

    Posted the thread Moog vs Spicer Ujoints..

    I just grabbed a pair of MOOG 280 (1310 equiv) u-joints. I assume they are comparable to Spicer or other quality joints. These are for the rear driveshaft that eats a set every year or two since the agle is a little less than ideal. Planning on …
  • jace -

    Posted the thread TJ tow hooks.

    Cleaning out the garage. Comes with longer bolts. $10 or will trade for 6-pack of Dogfish. Located in Newark, DE.
  • whatevah -

    Replied to the thread Geocaching.

    I had placed several caches of my own, only 2 currently active. The travel bugs tend to disappear after a while, especially if it's a geocoin. But, I've seen some come back to life after a year or longer of sitting on someones desk. Back in 2006/07,…
  • jace -

    Posted the thread Dell 22" computer monitor NIB $50.

    Cleaning out the home office. I won this at a raffle from a sales event I went to about 6 months ago and never used it. Dell 22" widescreen monitor, brand new in box. Only opened to inspect it. Full HD and LED backlit. Full specs here:
  • Haven't gotten any confirmations for Sunday. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk