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Yj speedo jumping



camping trailer build...



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looking for some stock stuff



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  • YJpotter91 -

    Replied to the thread Yj speedo jumping.

    Thanks. I never noticed a number or the gear, or if I did never knew what it was for. I’m 99% sure the gear is in right but I’ll check that in case. If anything isn’t connected properly I bet it’s where the cable connects to the speedometer.…
  • astape -

    Replied to the thread Yj speedo jumping.

    i have a cable speedo if u need it. There are 4 sets if numbers in the speedo gear holder and a number on the gear. U need to match the number with the range on the holder and point it at the tick mark on the aluminum tail housing. Doing this wring will…
  • fisher55 -

    Replied to the thread camping trailer build....

    Wow, great job. I also had renovated my jeep for camping this spring. And this summer I managed to go camping on it. I renovated it specifically to go camping. The running boards are very useful when you need to strap stuff to the roof. Also I made…
  • YJpotter91 -

    Posted the thread Yj speedo jumping.

    When putting led bulbs in my dash I broke my speedo cable. After replacing it my speedometer constantly fluctuates in a 10mph range. I tried clocking the the gear but I can’t go any further clockwise and if I go counter clockwise speedometer doesnt…
  • TheDarkSide -

    Replied to the thread August 29th Trail Ride AOAA.

    1.TheDarkSide Black/what ever the group needs me to do 2.mattbrandner1 green/blue joop green/blue 4.artie green/blue 5.... Looks like this is going to be a great ride for the lower trail levels. If you have been on the fence about going…
  • joelove -

    Replied to the thread looking for some stock stuff.

    I’ve got a stock rear tow hook you can have. -Joe
  • MrJoop -

    Liked Chrismilyo’s post in the thread Newest Member.

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    I am looking forward to meeting some fellow jeepers. I live in Middletown and hang at the beach most weekends. Hope to see everyone around. 2014 Wrangler Unlimited is my current Jeep.
  • Artie -

    Posted the thread looking for some stock stuff.

    just picked up a 98 tj and I'm looking for a few stock items if anyone has them laying around. OEM front bumper/rubber bumper thingies rear tow hook front turn signals and side marker lenses long shot on this one, but 4.10 gears or complete axle…
  • bfrank -

    Replied to the thread Newest Member.

  • Chrismilyo -

    Replied to the thread Newest Member.

    Navy crossing at Cape or Keybox at the inlet. Just depends who’s going where to meet up with.