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  • Dover Grotto's 5PM-8PMish Let's actually get together and see each other for the first time in 18+ months! Besides the fact that I missed (some of ;)) you, this will be a very critical meeting as we have actual business to conduct for once with the BOD Elections and a by law change. Current nominations below. Additional nominations may be made online or in person up to the start of the election. El Prez - Steve Dey Veep - Daniel Kirkley Treasurer - Jerry Horn …

  • Just pointing out that I did mention back in 2019 I would be retiring.

  • Sign ups were locked up last night and final head count has been sent to Schaefer's. ***If you signed up and can't go, let me know ASAP!!! If you no show you, unfortunately, owe DEJA the cost of your dinner. If you let me know ahead of time I can try to get someone to take your spot***

  • Congrats!

  • Sign ups get cut off a week from today, get it done!

  • I'm a bad person for only posting this on facebook and not in the forums. I definitely should be impeached. Bottom line: Do your 2021 membership here if you haven't already: Register for the party here: Where: Schaefer's Canal House. Note that this is in the banquet hall, it's the building right next to the main Schaefer's building. When: Saturday October 2, 2021. The room and bar will open at 6pm, food service will start at 7. Bar closes a…

  • New to DEJA

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    Welcome! If you have a surf tag you'll usually find a few of us on the north side of the big dune at Navy Crossing during the summer and out on the Point now in the fall/winter.

  • Generic 10lb CO2 tank w handle 150psi regulator regulator cover roll bar mount Tank is at least half full Now that I have the dog in the back most trips and a mild addiction to M18 tools, I'm considering selling my CO2 tank to give the dog more space. Posting it here first. No pics because I'm lazy, you know what a tank looks like. If you don't like what it looks like you can exchange it for a different one. $100

  • Welcome! Only legal place in DE to go offroading is private property with permission or Muddy Nutz outside of Dover. I haven't been but I think it's just a few mud holes, not all that exciting if you asked me. Rausch Creek and AOAA are full blown offroad parks with several thousand acres each to play, they have plenty of stock friendly trails. Keep an eye out for our monthly trail rides. For better or worse, a lot of the club activity happens on facebook these days so join our group too: faceboo…

  • Current count below, please let me know if anything is wrong. Last minute additions are cool but need to be as close as reasonably possible 1. Stafford black dinner+1 other member 2. TheDarkSide Dinner+1 Black 3. @Slowpoke 4. @altierior 5. @JeepSahara 6. @Stomper 7. @daddanelena 8. @astape - dinner 9. @deadfeat dinner - riding shotty 10. Solidaxleminivan - Dinner Blue/Black 11. @Buster Stewart dinner 12. @JKgray10 dinner 13. @Down Hill Roller dinner 14. Mark Skillen Blue/black/dinner 15. Red Oli…

  • I'm planning on hitting Oneals in Pine Grove on the way up if we can leave at a decent time. They seem to be closing at 9pm even on the weekends.

  • meet up spot after wheeling will be sites 155/156 at Trailhead Campground which is connected to the aoaa parking lot

  • The most surprising thing here is that flickr still exists. Who knew?

  • 1. Stafford black dinner+1 other member 2. @TheDarkSide 3. @Slowpoke 4. @altierior 5. @JeepSahara 6. @Stomper 7. @daddanelena 8. @astape - dinner 9. @deadfeat dinner 10. @SolidAxleMinivan 11. @Buster Stewart dinner 12. @JKgray10 dinner 13. @Down Hill Roller dinner 14. Mark Skillen Blue/black/dinner 15. Red Oliver 16. Kess

  • Still looking for 1 driver. The plan is to run with 3 if necessary but it will make us non competitive so it will be just for fun

  • Sorry about getting this thread up late, it's been on facebook for a while. The 2021 Member Appreciation Ride is coming up quickly. May 8th 2021 at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area. DEJA will be covering trail fees for all 2021 members and *hopefully* will cover a bbq/picnic style dinner after. TBD based on attendance and safety aspects. Sign up below, please include trail level and if you are staying for dinner. 1. Stafford black dinner+1 other member 2. @Th…

  • Quote from meeper: “LOL, when we parked after snakebite Geoff pulled so close (smart ass) the hose clamp on his "stinger" scratched my immaculate tailgate hinge Wings... well someone didnt check and they are not open saturdays anymore, very sad. ” You probably did something to deserve me parking right on your @$$ but I can't remember what it was. If not it's future payment for something. Either way I did it for the lulz. I'm still pissed at O'Neals and thinking about driving up Thursday night fo…

  • Quote from Onqaper: “I have a specific question. I have an old tree in my garden that I need to pull out from my backyard. And I think I can do that with this tractor. ” This looks like a slightly weird but innocent comment, right? When you trace back the IP it's in Canada. While I would like to think we have a huge international audience, we don't. So the account gets locked. We've discussed blocking all non-domestic IPs but it's easier said than done.

  • JoJ

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    Yup, they are hoping to be able to resume in person events this year. Build a bear and the toy drive unfortunately had to be cancelled last year due to covid

  • Frame repair sections

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    I'm not sure if the above post is spam, if it is I have to give them credit for subtly slipping in the advertisement so I'm going to leave it lol