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  • I lead the green group and started off going to the west property doing 100 to the power line trial. We had someone who had some noise so we all went pack to the parking lot and dropped his Jeep off. He then rode with someone else. Then we went to the east side and I got lost not sure what all trail we did but it was fun then we had lunch in the parking lot because some of the group wanted to leave. After lunch we went back to the west land. We did 101 and 202. I went on 107 and found it a littl…

  • 1. TheDarkSide/black 2. Erock / blue and black. maybe camping 3. Down Hill Roller 4. Buster Stewart 5. Stomper 6. Joelove - green\blue 7. Mark Skillen Blue's maybe blacks 8. Astape- camping fri and sat nighf in the pete 9. Bee - green 10. Daddanelena - blue/black 11. Captain II green maybe camping 12.

  • I will take it