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  • Text dan at (610) 496-1834 and let him know exactly what you need including part number if possible. He probably has one or will let you look through his pile, located in west chester pa

  • 01 XJ question

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    I fully support you naming the shop that did this to protect others from making the same mistake. Normally I wouldn't drag someone's name through the mud but you could have been killed driving home.

  • Can the guy who didn't win a prize at the end shoot me a private message with your contact info? Sorry, I didn't catch your name.

  • To clarify my earlier comment, no one needs to go in the office to check in. See one of the bod members in the parking lot

  • High of 62 for tomorrow's Member Appreciation Ride. Meet in the parking lot at AOAA around 8-830. See myself, @Captain II or @TheDarkSide for your wristband. Paper waivers will need to be signed for all adults including passengers. We've got a bunch of cool giveaways which will happen *before* the trail ride so don't leave the parking lot early.

  • Get that thing out to AOAA this weekend

  • Can anyone else going please put your name on the list so we have a solid idea on head count? We can accommodate last minute requests but need to give AOAA an idea. As of now I think the logistics will be to meet up with me or TheDarkSide first thing in the morning on Saturday for your pass but need to figure that out. 1. TheDarkSide/black 2. Erock / blue and black. maybe camping 3. Down Hill Roller 4. Buster Stewart 5. Stomper 6. Joelove - green\blue 7. Mark Skillen Blue's maybe blacks 8. Astap…

  • bonus: you get one of the jeep wood crates

  • I bought seat heaters a couple years ago intending to do the same thing..last fall I sold them because I was going to buy new seats with heaters already installed. Then I didnt buy new seats so I had a cold butt all winter and my seats are still falling apart

  • A to Z Fabrication - sad news

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    I sincerely hope the guys who worked for Zach pick up the ball and keep the shop open. Given the state of the pandemic, etc I would venture to guess they haven't been sitting around waiting to do that and have hopefully found other jobs so I'd say the odds of it happening are, unfortunately, probably low. Maybe they'll clear out inventory at some point.

  • Speaking of big dogs....

  • Quote from Erock: “I may be interested. 600 miles may be a bit farther than I would want to go. are there any good places in northern pa or in ny state? also, it would be cool if there was a place big enough where we could map out a multi-day trail route and camp each night along the way. that would make it seem more like an adventure rather than do small loops from a central parking lot. ” After trying to do the same kind of thing from CO to Moab to Cali, I can say that simplicity is much bette…

  • We're officially pushing May's member appreciation ride. PA has a 'stay at home' order until May 8th (the day before) and it is likely to get extended plus if somehow life gets back to normal-ish by then we expect people will have other plans. Tentative plans are for either sometime in October or November 28th. This is one of the big benefits to being a DEJA member and we will do our best to deliver the kind of ride/party we have in the past. Everyone stay safe.

  • quarantine projects

    Stafford - - Jeep Talk


    The ARB/Dometic fridges are also back heavy because that's where the compressor is so be mindful of the front tipping down when pulled out. I use the Dometic straps to strap mine to the slide and then I have the slide base ratchet strapped into the floor hooks. It's tight if you try to slide it around but the back still pops up an inch or so when fully extended. How are you going to power it? Hint: join the dark solar side with us

  • PA's stay at home order has now been extended to 4/30. If it gets extended again the event will officially be postponed but I think you can safely say there's a 99% chance it's postponed at this point.

  • Back again because it's an awesome time is the 2020 DEJA Member Appreciation Trail ride. We cover trail fees for the day for all 2020 members, we feed you dinner (usually some epic broasted chicken bro) and if we actually get off our butts in time usually we have a bunch of vendor giveaways and other special things. This is typically our biggest trail ride of the year (probably because it's free but I failed economics so who knows) and is usually a weekend of camping, wheeling and shenanigans. L…