Pinned DeJA Website Forum Rules (Please Read)

  • DeJA Website Forum Rules (Please Read)

    The following are the Forum Rules for The Delaware Jeep Association Website.

    These rules apply equally to all users of the DeJA Website.

    The forum rules will be enforced by the Forum Moderators: Slimer, Woody, knoxrents, whatevah, and quadna as well as the BOD if and when needed.

    Hopefully these rules will make DeJA a better place for everyone.

    To all members and guests of the Delaware Jeep Association:

    This board is open to anyone, although it is tailored for Jeep owners. IE...Asking about your landcruiser in Jeep talk will cause your post to be moved to Off-Topic.

    Flaming or bashing will not be tolerated. We are here to help each other whether you are an experienced wheeler or a newcomer. So aside from the occasional debate or friendly jockeying, behave.

    We have set these rules to make the operation of DeJA a smoother and more friendly environment.

    Rule and Guidelines for posting on the Delaware Jeep Association (DeJA) website.

    Please try to keep your messages on topic.
    The administrators and moderators will remove or edit an objectionable post based upon their discretion, as quickly as possible. Any abusive, slanderous, disrespectful, hateful, racist, threatening, sexual explicit content (including nudity) or any other material that may violate any applicable laws including flaming, slamming and spamming will not be tolerated. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines of this site will either be edited for content or will be deleted all together.

    First offense – Private Message – User will receive a warning from Admin or Moderator stating that the post has been edited or deleted.

    Second offense – E-mail and Private Message - Possible 48 hour Suspension – The Post will be edited by Admin or Mod. Suspension based on severity of offense after review of the moderators.

    Third offense – Account suspension or Banned

    Vendor or Advertisers
    See rules outlined in the Service and Directory Forum. No commercial advertising or solicitation should occur outside of the Service Directory forum. Any post found to be in violation will be deleted and the user issued a warning.

    Guidelines for posting:

    Topic (New)
    Topics allowed under the guidelines include anything that is not going to generally be considered obscene or profane. Use common sense here, would you want your kids (or boss) to walk by and see it ? No nude pictures or X-rated jokes. No racist remarks, Gender remarks, etc. will be allowed. There will be no tolerance on this. Topics must be posted in their accurate forum (IE: Mountain bikes go in Off-topic).

    Topics (covered in the past)
    As times and members change with this group, some questions maybe asked over again. For the Experienced wheeler, please be patient with those who are new. To those who are new, you can search the on line databases for answers to your questions. If you feel the answers found do not satisfy you, please don't hesitate to post your question in the appropriate forum.

    Multiple Posts/Cross-Posting to multiple forums

    Please refrain from creating multiple postings, as the answers are not always immediate. Some people will refrain from answering questions even after reading them if they cannot prove their points of view while others that can provide information may only check the forum once a day or less.

    Locked post
    If one of your posts is locked, please do not start another thread dedicated to why it was locked. If you have a problem with your post being locked, please send a private message to an Admin or Mod describing the problem. Be aware that your post has been/is being reviewed by the Admin and Moderator staff.

    Moved Posts
    Please post your topics in the appropriate forums i.e. a thread about your trip goes in the trail reports section not general. Admins and Moderators will move posts to the appropriate as required.

    Pictures may be posted with your messages. Please check the DeJA Website Forum for ideas on how to properly post the pictures that you wish for others to see. The same rules as those outlined in Topic (New) apply. As a matter of courtesy to those with slower internet connections please restrict the size of images posted to approximately 500 pixels in width. If you are unable or don't know how to properly size your photos CLICK HERE. Repeated postings of extremely large photos will be treated as inappropriate content and dealt with accordingly.

    Personal avatars are not only welcomed but encouraged. Please keep the pictures used in avatars a "PG" rating. No nudity, no sexually suggestive items, no vulgarities, no blood and/or guts. Please keep this in mind while selecting an avatar. Any avatar that is deemed questionable or inappropriate by administrators or moderators, will be asked of you to be removed. This includes any avatar that does not specifically fall into the descriptions listed above. If you find an avatar you deem to be inappropriate, please report it to DeJA's management team using the report to moderator function, and we will deal with them based on the guidelines above.

    Respect yourself and respect others, or else you will be banned and the ban will not be released. The Admin and moderators of DeJA have the right to edit, close, delete or alter in any way they see fit each thread, and or post within this forum without notice. DeJA Board of Directors and moderators are volunteers who serve without pay. Abuse toward these individuals will not be tolerated.

    Off-Topic Forum
    By the very nature of this forum, greater latitude will be given with regards to topics. Posts will not be held to the same stringent guidelines with regard to content. You have the freedom to choose to deal with it and you have the freedom to not read what offends you. These sections are still policed by the Admin and moderator staff and all the other rules regarding behavior still apply.

    Sooner or later, you will see something that cries out for a cheap shot. Sooner or later, someone sends you something you shouldn't have seen and you want to pass on. DON'T DO IT. Resist cheap shots and proliferating malice. The net has plenty of jerks----don't be another one. Be tolerant of both Jeep and forum newcomers, you were once one yourself.

    Reporting Problems
    Please use the "Report to Moderator" link visible below each post to report any post which you feel violates the forum rules. All moderators will be notified of the post, your name and your reason for reporting. By using the reporting form, it ensures that all moderators will see the problem and you don't have to wait for a specific moderator to get home from work and read his email. Abuse of this privilege will not be tolerated. Do NOT "test" this feature without cause.

    Rules and Guideline Modification
    These rules may be modified, added to or subtracted from at any time with approval strictly from the BOD.

    Access to and participation on this board implies your agreement to follow and maintain the rules and conduct outlined above.

    Thank you,

    The Administration and Moderators of Delaware Jeep Association

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