84 Cj. Sale or Trade...

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    • 84 Cj. Sale or Trade...

      Well, I am finally ready to let her go. She's been sitting on my car
      trailer for two years now. Body much worst then it was. I have things
      for it that will go with it for the right price or I will start selling
      it off in pieces soon. I am chasing a new hobby. I'm back into air cool
      VW's or Corvairs now so I want to move the Cj along.

      84 Cj with the AMC 4 cylinder. Has the T-4 trans and Dana 300
      transfer case with a twin stick. Front has a Aussie auto locker. Rear
      is stock but is trussed. I have a spool for it and ARB locker only. Jeep
      has a 4" BDS lift with 35" tires. Tires have less then 1k miles on
      them. Has a CB in it, blazer heater motor upgrade. Runs but needs a
      battery. I have a two barrel Weber on it. Has a Warn 8274. Never had it
      hooked up. Don't have controls for it. I was planning on rebuilding it.

      costume front and rear bumpers. I have lots of extras. Low miles AMC
      304 motor. Motor is not complete. Needs volley pan, oil pan gasket,
      water pump, oil pump, and fly wheel. On an engine stand and goes with
      it. I also have a Ford T18a but needs jeep output shaft. I have the Cj
      hard doors for it and soft half doors (will not take any uppers). I
      have a 20 gallon poly tank for it (used). I have a summer top for it and
      original dash pad. Has front sway disconnect.

      I also have it
      posted on Facebook market place. Lots of pictures there. Feel free to
      text me for more info or pictures. Jeep should run with a jump. Hasn't
      started in two years.

      jeep only has 45k miles on her but has been outside before I got it 12 years ago with no top and doors.

      for everything and I will bring the jeep to you within reason 1 1/2
      hour one way. You will need to pick up the motor and trans. OR trade
      for manual VW or Corvair, or deuce.

      Text 302-981-2690


      https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it ... 3332673405

      I will sell the following items separate by the end of the coming week. Aug 18, 2017.

      AMC 304~~~~ $325

      Ford T18a~~~$200

      Warn 8274~~$250

      20 gal Tank~$50


      ARB Locker~$550

      Surf Rack~~$550 (new are $1000)
      84 Cj 7 AMC 150, 4.5" BDS Lift, Twin Stick, BF Goodrich 35s...

      98 Grand Limited (Wife's)
      ~Always interested in trades~
    • OTW? Not sure what that is. I got this rack from Gene Reynolds in Delaware City. From what I understand if the rack looks like mine it is one of his. I had the rack mount costume made to attach to three points on the front bumper so it's the strongest it can ever be and stronger then anything else out there. It attaches using the 2" receiver in the center and the D rings on each side of the bumper...
      84 Cj 7 AMC 150, 4.5" BDS Lift, Twin Stick, BF Goodrich 35s...

      98 Grand Limited (Wife's)
      ~Always interested in trades~
    • OP, does your Jeep have power brakes but no power steering? 11 or 12 years ago, my grandfather bought two red 1984 CJ-7s. Both had the 4cyl, 4spd, very low miles. One had PS but no PB, the other vice-versa. The PB one sat outside for a long time and was rough. He got it running, took the top and doors off, and sold it. The PS one had lived in a garage and was in good shape, so we kept it and it's now mine. Did the original hood have remnants of lettering on it? I think your Jeep might be mine's twin. My grandfather said the other one had been built up after he sold it. Unfortunately, I don't have room for another car, but I saw your Jeep and after reading thought it might be the other one. Nice to know it's still local.
    • Yup, that's the one. Is your grandfather Davis? He sold it to my Uncle Ron Dietrick. They hunt together. The jeep did have writing on the hood and rockers. But I painted the rockers black to hide the letter and fade. They were owned by some landscaping company in Wilmington.

      My jeep does not have power brakes or power steering. I have tried over the years to add power steering but just couldn't get it together. I have put a lot of time and money into this baby.

      Between Mr. Davis and my uncle they got it running. Patched up the original air filter lid and changed all the fluids. From what I understand Mr. Davis took the one he got running first to his cabin and offered the other one to my uncle. I found out about it a few months later and sold my AMC Eagle wagon to get the money for the jeep. It had no top and doors for it but it had a frame. I think I still have the original frame in my shed.

      Damn, talking about all of this brings back memories and making me want to hold on to this again.

      What have you done to your Cj? Any pictures???
      84 Cj 7 AMC 150, 4.5" BDS Lift, Twin Stick, BF Goodrich 35s...

      98 Grand Limited (Wife's)
      ~Always interested in trades~
    • Yup, that's my grandfather. The Jeeps were owned by DCI Architects in Wilmington. They were purchased new in 1984 as city cars to go to construction sites. From what I've heard, when one was running, the other was in the shop. After they were taken out of service, the company bosses bought them. Yours sat outside with a ripped fastback top, mine sat in a garage under boxes. Yours had a factory FM stereo, mine had a radio delete and P/S. My grandfather bought them both for $800 and got them working. My Jeep lived at the family cabin for several years where it gathered dust. The top on yours had a rip all the way across the back window, so we threw that away, but we used the doors on mine until they disintegrated. When I got my license, I needed a car to drive. We hauled it home, put a new Supertop on it (that cost more than the Jeep itself), and I drove it through high school and my first semester of college. It's no longer my daily driver, but it gets out once a week. It had 37K miles when we got it, it now has 47K. You can still barely make out the hood lettering.
      Mine has a tan Supertop and doors, new exhaust, Definity A/T tires on the factory wheels painted white, Skyjacker shocks, Smittybilt front seats, a console, Hella Vision Plus headlights, cheap fog lights, a PA system that was great fun in high school, a trailer winch that doesn't work on the front, and lots of mismatched red spray paint. I just finished patching some of the rust spots on the tub. I should start a thread on some of the misadventures I've had with my Jeep. Don't mean to hijack yours.