Fixing a leaky aluminum radiator

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    • Fixing a leaky aluminum radiator

      I've got an Flexalite radiator in my jeep that has started to have a small leak. I priced a new radiator and it was pretty expensive.

      Has anyone ever used any of those low temperature aluminum brazing rods to fix a radiator?

      What brand did you wind up using?
    • I attempted to braze an aluminum fan shroud, since my mig welder does not have the option to add a spool gun. It did not work out well for me. I ended up riveting the shroud together. I found the melting point of the aluminum angle to be too close the the brazing rod that I was using.
    • Fixing a leaky aluminum radiator

      I honestly don’t know exactly where it is leaking. I need to pull it out and pressurize it and hit it with some soap to pin point it. I believe it’s leaking where one of the tubes connects to header.

      It doesn’t leak when it’s cold nor when it’s hot. Only while it’s heating up.

      I was hoping if it’s leaking where I believe it is I could cut some of the fins out and basically use some type of brazing rod to fill the leaking tube to header connection.

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