Music for the DEJA Appreciation Party

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    *** Mark your calendar, club meeting on November 10th! ***

    • Music for the DEJA Appreciation Party

      Had an idea,
      If everyone going suggests 1 or 2 songs/artist selections, I will make a DEJA Awesome Mix Tape play list for the party. Should give a cool mix of everyone's tastes. Not saying last years music was all bad ...but :D

      Just add your selection after your name... ( Please keep them PG, and under 5-6 min i.e no extended 40 min PHISH jams. Also remember its a party , keep it festive.. )

      1. Kuntryboy816 (possibly +3)
      2. Flutterby
      3. Woody
      4. Captain II
      5. Captain
      6. Esoom
      7. Whatevah +1
      8. Deadfeat
      9. quadna
      10. Icky
      11. Slimer
      12. Kitkat (Slimer's wife)
      13. Antnyr
      14. Jilrn
      15. Stafford
      16. Jkgray10
      17. ForMud
      18. 2000sahara
      19. Jcab
      20. Skeets682
      21. blkrubi
      22. nutrijeeper
      23. thedarkside
      24. dkirkley
      25. Imarammr
      26. Kimber aka... Imarammr's wife
      27. MrJoop+1
      28. tacklemom
      29. yobob
      30. Tonka
      31. MRWood (PS . . . its his Birthday)
      32. Sandtostand
      33. jc1121
      34. Hagar The Horrible
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