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    • 92Renegade wrote:

      astape wrote:

      it means his slack ass cant do a days worth of work and get his own jeep working to go wheeling.
      I just saw he is selling his Bro Dozer truck maybe he will get another Excursion on 40s!!!
      It is a bro dozer truck but I want it just because its a 7.3 with zero rust.... and over 100k less miles than mine.
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    • No more BlueJ

      Gino and I both had more kids this year so time hasn't been on our side. Progress has started to pick back up. The axles are built and the suspension set. I built the steering links today and will work on brakes tomorrow. Might even throw the tires on it to see how it sits. Hopefully it's as low and possible. I think we will have a master cylinder and brake calipers to install tomorrow too. Plus I'd like to mount the power steering pump so those lines can be built.

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    • No more BlueJ

      Cleaned the rear bearings and installed new seals so the disks are now mounted. The rear calipers should be delivered tomorrow. Had to clearance the passenger Reid knuckle for the caliper bracket to fit. Need to get some inner spindle seals before I can mount the spindles. I thought I had a couple but can't find them. I also mounted the master cylinder and we cut the spacers for the power steering pump bracket.

      I'm trying to decide if we should run the factory power steering pulley (5.25 inch) or get the PSC pulley (6.5 inch). Seems to me the factory one would keep the pump spinning faster and the pressure up at lower rpm. Any thoughts?

      Also welded in the rear cross member with a suck down winch mounted to it and tighten down all the control arm bolts.

      Not too bad for only being in the shop 3 hours. Sorry no pictures today. Maybe I can run out a d snap a few this evening after all the kid activities finish. There probably won't be and progress this week as my wife is traveling so I have the baby and 5 year old.

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    • Seems weird they would underdrive the power steering. If they don't explain what's better about the 6.5 I would stay stock. Maybe under a severe load the extra leverage of the bigger pulley is helpful?
      The build is looking good.
      Can't wait to see the commando get going also!
    • The psc - p-pump with their pulley moves the ram and my 40's with ease. The 6.5" is a pretty standard size for that pump. The jeep tc pump needs to spin faster.
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