Frame Rust Has Revealed Itself

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    • Frame Rust Has Revealed Itself

      Well I have found the rusty spot on my Jeep. I thought my Jeep was fairly free of rust for as old and beat as it is but I noticed an bubble on the frame and poked it. My finger went through on the bubble I saw and the other side as well as the bottom. I guess I’ll be down and out for a month or two for trail rides. In the typical fashion with my Jeep every bolt it tried to take out either stripped out or snapped off as I attempted to pull the bumper and gas tank.

      I thought I was doing good after I fixed a bunch of wiring from the previous owner during my last jeep project. About the only thing I can say is it will be better than when I started. That seems to happen with every repair I do. I guess I’m fixing it up for the next owner.

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    • That is a bummer. After all these years you would think some engineer would have thought of some way to drain water from a frame, like maybe holes or something.
      I hope the HOA doesn't get wind of this and bust you for having a junk vehicle on the premises!
    • Frame Rust Has Revealed Itself

      WILLYN wrote:

      I hope the HOA doesn't get wind of this and bust you for having a junk vehicle on the premises!

      I’m safe with the Jeep until the tag expires in March. The issue is if I wheel my boat out of the garage and into the driveway to actually make room to work on the Jeep the HOA will show up with cuffs.

      In seriousness I haven’t heard another peep from the HOA so they either dropped the trailer/RV/boat crack down or are building their case.

      The neighbor down the street came back from a trip earlier this month and had his RV parked on the street with a Jeep hitched to it for a few days until he disconnected the Jeep. I would assume he’s a bigger target then me.

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