Jeep JT pickup info

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    • MrJoop wrote:

      I like it, 1160 lbs isn't going to cut it, though. It'd have to be an addition to the fleet, not a replacement for the truck.
      Exactly because this is a mid-size truck... aka a Dodge Dakota, Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, etc. It was never intended to be a work truck. Although, the sport model with the 1600/1535 available payload is pretty competitive with the other brands. I think that Sport "max tow" package with the 1535 payload and 7650 tow rating should be a pretty popular option, though.
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    • whatevah wrote:

      A random thought from my Jeep weight thread... My JK's payload is 700lbs (per door sticker), and since my JK is currently 200lbs+ overweight, the JT should be a safer and more reliable vehicle given that an automatic Rubicon will have a 1160lb payload. It'll definitely be overweight on trips, but not in daily use.

      I like how you're trying to justify buying a JT with math. Keep going...