HP laptop

  • Is this still available? ;)

    1989 Wrangler (Islander package) [_]IIIII[_]
    SOA lift (I don't remember the specifics, sorry!)
    33x12.50"/15 BFG tires (I had these), OBA, CB
    Black American Racing AR767 wheels

  • Hey it is a nice notebook, why do you sell it for so cheap, Intel i5 and 8 gigabytes RAM, It has the same futures as my Xiaomi air mi 13 has, which I bought for 900$, and I think still somewhere between 600-800$. Even with the problems I had on it, because it is a bit virused, but I will download an antivirus program soon, then it was slowing down some time ago because of all the junk files I had here. Fortunately, I found on internet some (bs link removed) and now it is working like a swiss made watch.

  • Well, that is an old boy already. In terms of reliability it is a very great device actually. I guess the 8 gb of ram were installed by you. The price of 110 bucks is actually really great, so it would actually be totaly worth of the money you pay for it. However, i am not the kind of a person that would buy used gadgets. I don't consider it the best thing to be done. I only bought once a used laptop, and i still regret it. In case you guys need a new laptop, and do not want to buy a used one, just like me, then you can actually call for the services of a certain gadget guide india. As i understood they can easily help you in choosing the right device for all of your demands.

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