Rear brake issue 2013 jku

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    • Rear brake issue 2013 jku

      So I've been recently having issues with my 2013 Rubicon jku, at first it seemed like my e brake was stuck on, but after examining it, it looked like both rear brake calipers were slightly stuck on (almost like the hill assist got stuck on) but I turned that feature off. After sitting for a few hours everything goes back to normal. Anyone run into an issue with this, already verified calipers are ok
    • calipers are probly shot, ive seen it many times, stuck unstuck, stuck unstuck, probly need new calipers as the pistons are seizing because of heat.

      how did you verify they were ok?
    • Yup, had to replace a front caliper back in December, too. Still have an intermittent squeal, should probably check the other side I guess.
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