**Member Appreciation Trail Ride @ AOAA 5/18/19**

    ** 2019 Membership page is open! **

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      Guys I'm sorry I had a medical emergency Thursday afternoon that landed me in the hospital in Philadelphia for a day and half. I don't have the issue that caused this under control yet. For my own self being and because I don't want anyone from the club to have to deal with the same issue that happened on Thursday with me I decided to not go. I'm sorry if this causes any issues but I don't want to have an ambulance ride to Sunbury tomorrow. Thanks again and I will get this under control and see you guys out on the trail next month.

      Thanks Keith
      Rocks what Rocks!! :doh:
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      Hope you're doing better Keith.

      I'll let Slowpoke and the other guides handle the trail reports but I think it was a great weekend. Not a drop of rain, no one broke ( @deadfeat tweaked a front d/s a lil bit). @Solomi had to pull cable on a ridiculously hard red section but other than it was smooth sailing all weekend.

      Thank you to everyone who came our and, remember, we have rides every month. You spent all this money on a Jeep, don't just come wheeling once a year because you get a $30 pass for free. Get out there and use it!
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      *TRAIL REPORT* Blue/Black Group No. 1

      We had a great turnout for the member appreciation trail ride, about two dozen Jeeps in all, and a perfect day for wheeling, 70 degrees and clear at Anthracite AOAA Trails!

      We split up into several groups by level. I went with @YJDave, @altierior, @daddanelena and @deadfeat, all on 35s, to do high blues and blacks, planning to start with going up Barney Rubble--if we could find it! We took the access road out to near the far end of the Eastern Reserve, did 39 and Twister, just missed Barney Rubble, then picked up Whiskey Ridge (55) and headed down into the Pit. There's a steep, slippery hill climb to get out of there, with a drop-off at the top on the right. John didn't hear Dave say "keep left" and dropped his right rear wheel right off the edge. The group wrapped a tow strap around his B-pillar on the high side and about six guys (we met up with the other blue/black group coming the other way) pulled on it to keep him from going over while he drove out. His passenger John, who was out on the trails for the first time, was looking out the low side and probably thought he was a goner!

      After 55 we did Upper Anthracite, which is a great trail down a rocky creek bed, and Bee Line, which is a good long black trail. When we got out of there Steve noticed that both of the rear shackles on his Scrambler were inverted. This was in addition to his bent front drive shaft--which somehow kept working all day! We jacked up the bumper and pried the shackles back out, but then he noticed that one of his rear shackle hangers was coming loose, so he decided he'd better head back. We got him back down to the access road. By then it was close to 4:00 and we still hadn't found Barney Rubble. I took us the long way around by way of Boy Scout. At the end of Boy Scout where it meets up with 41 and 17 there's a steep drop-off that's always been a bit of a free-fall, but when I got out and looked I saw that it's washed out a lot, making it even steeper. I landed at the bottom on all four nice and easy, but the rest of the group took the bypass.

      We finally made it to Barney Rubble, though at the top instead of the bottom. Dave led the way down and we made it in 12 minutes flat with no problems. First time I've been to AOAA on my 35s and I found that a rock field like Barney Rubble was a lot better than with my old 33s.

      So we headed back to the parking lot and got there by about 5:00, in plenty of time for plenty of broasted chicken back at the campground! Thanks, @Stafford!

      Our next ride is scheduled for June 9 at Rausch Creek. We'll post a sign-up thread. Hope to see you there!
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      It was an awesome day! I cant remember the last time we had a member appreciation day ride and it was actually sunny. Our group was lead by Andy thedarkside, and he picked a great mix of trails. Thanks Andy! I have not idea the names, I was just having fun and enjoying the nice weather.

      Thanks for the Chicken!
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      Slowpoke wrote:

      *TRAIL REPORT* Blue/Black Group No. 1
      We split up into several groups by level. I went with @YJDave, @altierior, @daddanelena and @deadfeat.

      correction for the record: not YJDave. He's @DBollllllloYJ.
      ~ JD
      * WARNING - The above post may contain trace elements of biting sarcasm. Those with known sensitivities should avoid staring directly at it.