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    • I just bought my first Wrangler a month ago. I've never done trails, but I want to. That's what led me to this group. Hopefully you're active enough that there are events I can attend!

      I'm sure I'm going to need some upgrades for my JL Sport S 2d Manual, but maybe not for beginner trails? I have a general idea of the types of upgrades I'd need for harder trails, but I'm not a mechanic. It's hard to tell what upgrade recommendations are real and which ones are people making jokes. I also don't know where the 4x4 shops are near North Wilmington.
    • Welcome to the forum. The club usually does some kind of trail ride every month, we usually go to Rausch Creek or AOAA both are in upper PA near Pine Grove and Sunberry. If your into surf fishing we have a whole group of folks here that love to do that as well. This club has some really good mechanics and builders in it so you came to the right place for that as well. Hopefully you like the forum and the club and decide to join. Membership is reasonable and will "payback" in discounts and club events. Check out the application page when you are ready.
      Again welcome to the club.
      Rocks what Rocks!! :doh:
    • Emileeeee wrote:

      Are you referring to the surf fishing? I doubt I'd be into the fishing part, but driving on the beach... hmm.

      Or are you saying there are tons of people in the group? I don't need to meet the whole group, just the ones that show up for events.
      Surf fishing is always a nice relaxing day of tailgating and meeting up with fellow club members. In the summer months not many people catch anything anyway. You can get a cheap surf rod and real set up for $60. Get a few rigs and lures, and you're set.
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