FS: 2001 Grand Cherokee for parts

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    • FS: 2001 Grand Cherokee for parts

      Posting for a buddy:

      A friend is trying to get rid of his 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Laredo, white, about 138,000 miles on it, V6. Sounds like it would be for parts at this point. Cloth interior, says it's in decent shape.

      No modifications have been done to it. Was just used as a daily driver. The main reason for trying to get rid of it is the engine seized while driving home last week and had to have it towed. He is simply trying to get rid of it at this point. Would this be worth anything?

      Just had a new water pump put in last month. I figured I would check on here before he calls "Cash for Clunkers". Lives in Pike Creek / Newark area. I don't know many details, but I can get answers to any questions or get you a phone number for contact if interested.
    • I think I screwed up with the wording of my post... just so there is no misunderstanding, he wants to sell the jeep as is. I guess my point was that it might be good for parts if someone is willing to buy it. He will not be parting it out. I figured it was worth throwing on the forum in case it was worth anything, before he scraps it.