97 TJ $7000 and car trailer $2500

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    • 97 TJ $7000 and car trailer $2500

      Time for a change.
      Tube doors
      Sun top

      Does great off road, I have ran the black trails at URE, Big Dogs AOAA and Rausch Creek. Has been a very reliable rig. The first five years i owned it I drove to and from the trails now I have a 20’ car trailer for it. The tires work great on the rocks and still hold air but will need replacing if your going to DD it.

      20’ car trailer
      4 tires are less then one year old and less then 1000 miles on them. The spare is less then three years old.
      Asking $7000 for the Jeep and $2500 for the car trailer. Can work a packaged deal. I will sell separately but need to sell the TJ first.
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