2000 XJ, needs work, PRICE LOWERED - $800 OBO

    • 2000 XJ, needs work, PRICE LOWERED - $800 OBO

      2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ. 224xxx miles. This is my daughter's Jeep. She is selling because she doesn't drive it anymore and has neither the time nor the inclination nor the money to diagnose the starting issues. (She got a Subaru.)

      PA inspection through the end of this month. It was running strong before sitting for a while. It has electrical/ignition issues. It wouldn't start after not having been driven for a few weeks, and then when jumped, it started without turning the key, and the engine continued running even with the key removed. The exterior is in fair condition, some dents and rust, but not much rust. The interior is in fair condition, wit some minor rips in seats, no headliner.

      It was a daily driver and it was in very good running condition before this electrical issue. Within the past two years: new alternator, new tires, new steering and suspension wear items (tie-rod ends, bushings, etc.), brakes

      This would be a great project Jeep or for parts. A little time, effort, and money could make it a great daily driver again.
      ~ JD
      * WARNING - The above post may contain trace elements of biting sarcasm. Those with known sensitivities should avoid staring directly at it.

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