17in rims with 35’s

    • 17in rims with 35’s

      Selling my Tactik 17in rims and my 35 Treadwrights. They have around 1,000 miles on them and are still in amazing condition. I have TPMS sensors to go with them, but they are not yet installed. Ill be taking them off tonight so they will be sitting and waiting for a new loving owner!

      Asking $1,000 for all 5. Local pick up only please, the shipping would be significant but if your willing to pay it I can price that out. I live in zip code 19977, so you can ballpark travel time. I can also meet some where in the middle depending of where your coming from.

      These tires/rims are GREAT on my JT, but I just want a different look. These were originally meant for my JKU, but I ended up trading it in just after I got these in the mail. I dont really care for the wider stance look. They are balanced and have had absolutely zero issues. Low road noise, I cant even hear the difference from OEM tires to these. Ride quality is also the same as OEM tires when the 35's are aired to 33-36 psi.

      I know they are remolds, but give it a look. Ive used this tire company for YEARS. I air them down, go off roading, do everything with their tires and have never experienced a single problem with them.


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