**DEJA 2020 Member Appreciation Party 1/25/20 Schaefer's**

    • **DEJA 2020 Member Appreciation Party 1/25/20 Schaefer's**

      Bottom line:
      Do you 2020 membership here: delawareja.com/join-deja/
      Register for the party here: eventbrite.com/e/deja-2020-pos…party-tickets-83732499159

      Where: Schaefer's Canal House. Note that this is in the banquet hall, it's the building right next to the main Schaefer's building.

      When: Saturday January 25, 2020. The room and bar will open at 630pm, food service will start at 700. Bar closes at 930pm but conveniently there is a bar open right next door in the main building.

      How much: Free for 2020 members so get your membership in! We'll be feeding everyone buffet style. Cost for non-members is $27/pp. Kids are $12/each. Plus eventbrite fees because manually tracking attendance via signups here is a nightmare. There will be a cash bar. Payment for non-members will need to be completed by 1/20 with a final head count.
      If you are a member, sign up and do not show you will be responsible to cover your $27 meal cost (same as non-member). If you do not pay for your guests by 1/20 we will not be able to do anything to accommodate them. Sorry for taking a hard line on that but it has to be else the club risks a significant financial loss due to signups and no shows.

      Not a member yet? Sign up below, 2019 members try to get it done before 12/31 to get the discounted rate:
      The good stuff: We will have plenty of giveaways from various Jeep and outdoor related vendors like Quadratec. We truly appreciate their support of the club.
      Cash bar (listed first because most of you just want to make sure there's a bar)
      Tossed Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

      Sliced Roast Beef with Mushroom Demi Glace
      Chicken Bruschetta : Penne Pasta tossed with Chicken,Fresh Bruschetta, Mozzarella
      Cheese Balsamic Glaze

      Roasted Red Skin Potatoes
      Green Beans
      Rolls & Butter

      By popular demand (aka lack of desire to hear moaning), we've added dessert back to the menu!
      Chocolate Sheet Cake - Double Chocolate Sheet Cake 12X16

      Kid's Meals: Chicken Fingers, Fries, Applesauce,Vanilla Ice Cream , Drink
      Coffee, Iced Tea and Soda
      Check out our Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/delawarejeep/

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    • **DEJA 2020 Member Appreciation Party 1/25/20 Schaefer's**

      Shout out to to our event Sponsors,

      TeraFlex, AJT Designs, Master Pull, Hellwig, Rodrack, Reel Driveline and MBRP Exhaust.

      Just in, new sponsors... Z-Automotive , Flex-a-lite, Husky Floor Liners , Boltz Locks, 3HR Fire Safety products, Foreverwave Auto flags,

      Still more to come.

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    • Nice job pulling in the donations! We def appreciate your help. Other donations en route from Clayton Off-road, spiderwebshade, Bestop and hopefully Quadratec.

      For anyone who has attended before, #1 we typically have +-75 people here so while you don't see a lot of action in this thread it will be a good party. #2 all of the vendor donations are given away to members #3 stop reading and sign up!
      Check out our Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/delawarejeep/
    • **DEJA 2020 Member Appreciation Party 1/25/20 Schaefer's**

      More vendor donations...

      Big thanks to
      Flex-a-lite , donating a nice fan,
      Safe Jack, donating a 6 ton bottle jack extension kit.
      RT Off-road for donating antennas, grab handles, Jeep Stiens, shot glasses, and more

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    • Head count is final and submitted. No more bets. As previously mentioned, if anyone doesn't show we have to charge you the price of the dinner since we are getting charged for it. If you know between now and then you can't make it let me know as early as possible because usually there's a couple people who want to get in last minute and we can just substitute.

      If you're not listed below you didn't sign up.

      First NameLast NameQuantityTicket Type
      GeoffStafford1DEJA 2020 Member
      MelissaNewton1DEJA 2020 Member
      TimDineen1DEJA 2020 Member
      EdwardSlaughter1DEJA 2020 Member
      KarenSlaughter1DEJA 2020 Member
      JohnBrereton1DEJA 2020 Member
      KathrynBrereton1DEJA 2020 Member
      RobertMorgan II1DEJA 2020 Member
      KimberlyMorgan1DEJA 2020 Member
      RobertMorgan1DEJA 2020 Member
      BrianaLamet1DEJA 2020 Member
      DanielKirkley1DEJA 2020 Member
      RobertLoessin1DEJA 2020 Member
      SteveDey1DEJA 2020 Member
      TheresaWisor1DEJA 2020 Member
      DavidWisor1DEJA 2020 Member
      RandyNeiman1DEJA 2020 Member
      KylePresnell1DEJA 2020 Member
      BrianFrank1DEJA 2020 Member
      KELLYFRANK1DEJA 2020 Member
      GlennNutter1DEJA 2020 Member
      NancyNutter1DEJA 2020 Member
      DanielMaffett1DEJA 2020 Member
      DanielMaffett1Adult Guest
      ANTHONYREDER1DEJA 2020 Member
      JillRehrig1DEJA 2020 Member
      RobertLoessin1Adult Guest
      SarahSheppard1DEJA 2020 Member
      AndySheppard1DEJA 2020 Member
      KeithSchussler1DEJA 2020 Member
      DavidSettlemyre1DEJA 2020 Member
      MaggieHumphreys1DEJA 2020 Member
      Aaronstapen1DEJA 2020 Member
      Jenceleste1DEJA 2020 Member
      SalvatoreGiglia1DEJA 2020 Member
      SaraGiglia1DEJA 2020 Member
      JamesDiDonato1DEJA 2020 Member
      JamesDiDonato1Adult Guest
      SteveMalchodi1DEJA 2020 Member
      StephenMalchodi1Adult Guest
      Dave PatrickStewart1DEJA 2020 Member
      Dave PatrickStewart1Adult Guest
      AmandaZadroga1DEJA 2020 Member
      StephenMcDowell1DEJA 2020 Member
      DawnJaquette1DEJA 2020 Member
      DavidBennett1DEJA 2020 Member
      DavidBennett1Adult Guest
      JeremiahMiller1DEJA 2020 Member
      JeremiahMiller1Adult Guest
      EricaKoran1DEJA 2020 Member
      ChrisKoran1DEJA 2020 Member
      JoeLovette1DEJA 2020 Member
      RichardDesrosiers1DEJA 2020 Member
      RichardDesrosiers1Adult Guest
      DeniseShepperd1Adult Guest
      BrianWood1DEJA 2020 Member
      DeeShepperd1DEJA 2020 Member
      JenKostik1DEJA 2020 Member
      Check out our Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/delawarejeep/
    • **DEJA 2020 Member Appreciation Party 1/25/20 Schaefer's**

      I would like to thank the following sponsors for new Post-Holiday Party donations
      Actiontrax donated a full set of traction pads. These are beefy.
      Trasharoo donated a a really nice spare tire trash bag.

      Husky Liners for a set of floor liners. (certificate)

      All of these are perfect for the beach !

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    • Can someone tell me if it is acceptable to show my two tickets in soft copy at the door? I'm unable to print, so I saved them as a PDF document and sent them to myself via email. So I have them on my smartphone. If not, I'll make an effort to get them printed elsewhere. Thanks.
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