TJ Hard Top & Full Dors For Sale

    • TJ Hard Top & Full Dors For Sale

      The top is tan, but it has been plasti dipped black. The side windows are tinted, the rear window is not. The rear glass has a wiper and defroster (I never tried to use them as my jeep is not wired for them). Additionally, I applied a sound insulation to the inside of the top. It has never leaked or had any issues. The top is located in Oxford, PA. I am willing to drive to Hockessin, Newark and surround areas to meet a buyer.
      Top - $450

      Hard doors are painted emerald green metallic. The paint is a bit off, I don't think there was enough hardenner added to the mix when I had it painted. The door skin is black. The windows roll up and I have had no functional issues. Since the lock cylinders match my ignition, I will be keeping them.
      Doors - $400

      Winter is coming...
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    • Man I wish I joined this forum in December... I just bought a brand new rear window (shattered outside) on my still tan hardtop and have struggled replacing it... rusted hinges, ball joints on window thrown out with shattered glass, you name it and I encountered it!! Why are you getting rid of it? May still consider it.