Yo yo - Introducing Me!

    • Yo yo - Introducing Me!

      Got my first Jeep since I was 18 (1978 CJ7). Axle broke when I was at Penn State in 92, roomies dad or uncle was big into kidding events, off road stuff, offered me $5k for it and $5k for a college kid is like a million bucks. About 10 years ago went to an event in north jersey and saw my old Jeep. Still running, heavily modified.

      in December, my CRV was on its last legs and we had talked about waiting until February to get one, but one Friday night I got a text alert that a Sahara was at Porter Chevy in Newark Matching what options I wanted (LED, leather, cold weather group, premium sound)...well options my wife wanted as part of the deal to get a Jeep Wrangler. Drove it, loved it but the dance began. It’s a 2018, had 25k miles but listed for 38,900. No way in hell. Told the guy I can go right across the street and get a 2020 for $41k. He asked what I had in mind. I said it’s 3 years old, $31k. He said no way. I said, I can drive 4 hours to Virginia pick up a 2019, less miles, similar options for $32,900 right now with a single phone call. They came back, $36k. I started to dial and was talking to James, the sales guy in virginia. Came back and said 33, best we can do. Said done. Now what about my crv? He gets it appraised. 6500. I said all that work we just did is out the window. 5 minutes later, $10k, and it was done.

      Love it, and completely stock. My wish list includes a top lift pro to take the hardtop off by myself, a premium twill soft top, and I am starting to look for wheels to spice things up, but it appears Delaware is kind of lame with the amount you can have from the fender. Found a set of 20x9 wheels +0 offset but would stick out 2.25”. Looking at +18, which stick out about 1.5”.... not sure how strict they are in New Castle DMV over .5”....but I also have 5 years.

      Plan is to get 33” tires and unlikely I will lift though it has occurred to me...but it’d be for looks purposes only. Not an off reader other than a field to fish or tailgate.

      Any advice on wheels is appreciated....or advice on this beast in general. Hit me up :beer: