Want to change out of stock wheels and tires

    • Want to change out of stock wheels and tires

      First, I don’t despise the stock wheels. They aren’t my cup of tea though.

      second, I will need tires next year at some point or the year after at the rate I am not driving. But I digress

      I absolutely LOVE the look of a 20x9 0 offset but it also appears that there is no chance I can get a wheel 2” outside my fender to pass inspection when the time comes.

      I measured the space between my stock wheel and the fender lip and it’s approximately .75”. That gives me a window of approximately 1.75” to Obtain the aggressive stance I want. If my math is right, that is any offset up to +12mm.

      I am also open to other suggestions such as maybe 18x9, or 17x8.5...my Sahara is black so I am kind of liking the black milled or milling accents on the wheel.

      An example of the wheel I really like and catches my eye is the Hardrock Affliction H700. I just think something like that accents the chrome badging.

      so hit me with wheel and tire combinations that will keep the inspectors happy in the Delaware City DMV who failed my neighbor whose wheel was 1.25” outside the fender lol.

      I am also thinking about a lift though I am not sure. Not really a big off roader so it would be purely for looks. Rhino liners gave me a quote for $1400 for 2” with shocks. Unsure if that is spacers or otherwise. Afraid to ask a dealer how much the mopar lift installed is since they can’t even put the proper amount of oil in my 2018 Sahara JL.
    • just keep the stock tires for inspections. Also u dont have to go through inspection for more 3 yrs. Not hard to just swap them out for a few days.
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    • I could, but would rather not have the tires taking up space in an already small garage.

      I received a quote of $2695 from Carman to install the Mopar Lift.

      I would prefer to just get rubicon suspension but so far the 3 places I called won’t install it unless I buy their suspension kits. Not sure I need to go for a 2” lift though it looks really nice and 35’s. I think the Rubicon takeoff suspension with 33’s will give me that look I am looking for, but need to find someone to install it for me.
    • well im the guy that installs most of the gears and welds all the tj frame rail sections around here so i could install the springs and shocks. I would install what ever u brought over but u would be responsible for all the parts.

      I didnt think the rubi stuff was much of a lift? Im pretty sure a 33 will fit in a stock suspension.

      I put a mopar lift in a jl a few weeks ago and it was a well thought out kit but pricey.

      Also not trying to drum up business as i probably wont have time for the install till late aug because of my own projects and working in the garage with high temps sucks.
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    • I've toyed with just doing a spacer lift (RC Budget boost) or a full lift with shock, and then the process of finding the right kit is in play, though I think i'd look at Teraflex or Dynatrac.

      the 33" tires will fit in my stock JL without any modifications. The lfit would be purely for looks, but truthfully i've never ridden in a lifted jeep or driven a lifted jeep, so I can't comment on that. The reviews of the dynatrac indicate that the onroad handling is better than at the stock, which I find hard to believe, but I'd have to read up on that.

      more to come on that, and I understand that hot garage. it's a bear to coach first base in this heat let alone in a garage.
    • After spending a few days looking at lifts, and for what I want it to do, I think I'm holding off on that. Someone is selling Rubicon takeoff wheels and tires that are basically brand new, trying to get a price on them. If I can get the Rubicon takeoff suspension, i'll have astape install that when it's under 120F. The look I'm going for is slightly more aggressive, slightly taller, and I think I'll be able to accomplish both with the rubicon takeoffs. The Tires are about 1" (not quite) bigger than my Sahara's, and the suspension will add about 1" (not quite), so i'll get that little bump I'm looking for.

      If I can get these tires/wheels, they should hold me over for a few years before I need new tires, which is ideal. I can focus more on obtaining a TopLift Pro and a Premium Twill Soft Top for next summer.

      At least that's my plan, and my wallet is saying Paul....that's pretty reasonable.
    • found a soft top in VA for $1,000. turns out it was the premium soft top twill, so that was too good of a deal to pass up and well worth the 2 hour drive. Took about 45 minutes to install (not including the breaks I took because of the massive heat yesterday, which are obvious on the windows where my arms rubbed).

      Looks really sharp, and was a breeze to put on. The hard top is in the garage until probably mid october when that will go back on, and the soft top gets stored until April.
    • I found a thread where a mechanic is recommending the Pro-Comp K3111 2.5" lift with Fox 2.0 IFP shocks...the issue I am struggling with, is that 2.5" is really like a 3.5-4" lift for my Sahara.

      Additional research brought me to Rusty's 2" basic lift kit which is $899 plus the Fox 2.0 IFP's...would be about 2.5" of lift.

      Brings me to my next concern. Wheels. My tires are nearing the end of their life. I keep seeing Sahara's online with -12 offset wheels, and they say it's only about 1.5" outside the fender (17x9). That's going to be touch and go, but tiresize.com or something indicates that a -12 offset would be almost 3" outside my fender. So I'm not sure who or what to believe. Would getting a wheel with a 0 offset be the safe bet to stay "legal" here in DE?

      Then the last thing is tires. If I lift, and get 35" tires, every tire except the KO2 is E-Rated. If I'm primarily Kirkwood Hwy, Rt 1 and Rt 95 driver, would the E-rated tires be that much harsher than the stock C?

      All that aside, I can't install the lift, and I contacted Kirkwood Auto who quoted me $3600 for a Superlift 2". and Rhino Linings was $1700 for Ready Lift...but my concerns over how much lift I'd get are still there. I don't want something that would sit up 4" higher than it is now.
    • the jks lifts r nice too. The progressive rate springs option makes for a real nice ride.

      Sorry cant help on the tire issue
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    • I continue to go back and forth on lifting my rig. I like the look of the lift, and with 35’s. But I also don’t think my 3.45 gears will appreciate the larger tire very well and my sub 20 mpg will go to 16-17 because I won’t see 7th and 8th gear again.

      if I lift, I would be using the quadratec 2.5” lift with fox ifp shocks and having D’Anttonio’s in west Chester, adding adjustable track bars and steering correction casters, a taser, alignment for like $280. No idea if that’s a good deal or not.

      The other equation is the wheels and tires as I love the look of a 20x9 paired with the 35x12.5...that’s another $3500.

      then the regearing, and move to 4.56, which is $800 before labor.

      the other option I have is get my 17x9 +1 offset wheels with 285/70R17’s, and drive it around like that for a few years and really figure out the regearing, the lift and other costs.

      I could also get some rubicon takeoff springs and shocks (though I would probably just buy 0-1.5” fox ifp’s. ).

      The 285’s and rubicon takeoffs would be about 1” if I am estimating right.
    • Just pulled the trigger on 5 17x9 +1 offset Fuel Hostage wheels with 5 285/70R17 Toyo OC AT3's from Quadratec, which was about $500 cheaper than anywhere else. Curiously the guy said i'm just warning you, these won't fit your sahara without a lift.

      but i see plenty of 285/70's on Stock sahara's with no issues at all.
    • ok, the wheels and tires have been ordered as I am slipping all over the place on wet roads now. 285/70's are en route from Discount Tire.

      I keep going back and forth between a small 1.5" to 2" spacer lift and the Rubicon take off from a rubicon with tow package, steel bumpers and hard top. If I'm understanding, this rubicon stuff would be a good .75" lift to my existing Sahara and thinking about changing the lower control arms to the ones that come with the mopar lift to fix the caster. Both options should run me about $200-$250 for all parts.

      The concern I have with the spacer lift is having the look of my Jeep missing Leg Day with the 33's, though I think the teraflex 1.5" spacer lift would work really well, however they recommend 4.75" of backspacing and my new wheels will have 5.01". So in grand scheme that may be nothing. Both options should pretty much maintain the factory handling and feel, so that's a wash.

      Spacer lift or Rubicon Takeoffs?

      @astape - if you want to do the install, I sure would like to help as it's something i would like to learn, but i also don't have the stuff here to do it efficiently...like I just bought a jack that goes up 23" to put my new wheels on...shows you what I have available lol. The whole thing doesn't seem overly complicated, I just don't trust myself enough to do it solo without screwing it up.
    • u can hang out and help if i do the install. I just use my lift :) to get the jeep off the ground.

      With the wheel backspacing you may hit the control arms and reduce your turning radius. The rears may rub the springs? Not really recomended but u can get 1/4" spacers.
      '88 YJ with not much '88 left. :)
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