John Deere model 33 tiller

  • I have this john deere tiller I really do not need any longer.
    Works very well.. All parts included to make it work. Was on a 317 but pretty sure it would fit other models.

    Tractor is SOLD

    asking $500 for it.. or best reasonable offer

    location is south jersey

  • No it will not.. just did some quick reading.. this is what I found

    from a thread on green tractor......

    I am not well versed on JD tiller model numbers, but the model 33 tiller was designed to fit the earlier "closed frame" hydrostatic drive tractors. This included the 120, 140, 300, 316 with Kohler single cylinder engine, 312, 314, and 317. A shaft is added to the hydro to belt drive the tiller. The lever you see is a clutch to engage/disengage the tiller tines, I believe. A lift rod is required to lift the tiller.

    The 318 is the later "open" frame tractor, as well as the 316 Onan powered tractor, 322, 330, and 332. There were 2 hydraulic driven (separate pump) tillers, model 30 and 48 that worked on those tractors. There may be other models that I don't know about. A 3 point hitch may be required for mounting a tiller to the open framed tractors (318), but again, I don't know for sure.

  • Yea i know this one has the rear PTO but not the hitch part yet, was just curious. I have the hydraulic plow for the front, does an amazing job

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