Rear Shock Bolt Solution

    • Rear Shock Bolt Solution

      Every TJ or XJ I have ever tried to replace the rear shocks on, the upper bolts broke on me. In short you have 3 options when this happens and each depends on what tools and equipment you have access to.
      1. Air hammer the nut from the bottom side in hopes you break the nut loose and eventually off. Then buy a "Bar Pin Eliminator" bracket and install it. I have had issues where the bolt wants to spin because you can't get a wrench on the top side.
      2. Remove the body mounts, and air chisel the nut off from the. Then replace it with "Bar Pin Eliminator".
      3. Weld bracketry to the bottom.

      I saw this YouTube video (link below) and the guy had a really cool solution. Except he milled the piece... here's how to get around the milling portion with using Lowes material....and a welder.

      start with 2 x .25" flat bar. Cut them into 3/4" strips (you'll need 8)

      drill a 1/2 hole in the center of (4) of them
      drill a 5/16 hole in the center of (4) of them

      take your 4.5 angle grinder with a cutoff disc, and slot each one to the width of the hole.

      center them up, and weld the 2 pieces together. This will allow a 5/16" bolt to slip in and out. if you use stainless, then you wont have to worry about it ever rusting.

      anyone else try anything like this?

      Jeep TJ Rear Shock Broken Bolts Fix - YouTube