**Meet N Greet & BOD Elections 11/13/21 @ Dover Grottos**

    • **Meet N Greet & BOD Elections 11/13/21 @ Dover Grottos**


      Dover Grotto's

      Let's actually get together and see each other for the first time in 18+ months! Besides the fact that I missed (some of ;)) you, this will be a very critical meeting as we have actual business to conduct for once with the BOD Elections and a by law change.

      Current nominations below. Additional nominations may be made online or in person up to the start of the election.

      El Prez - Steve Dey
      Veep - Daniel Kirkley
      Treasurer - Jerry Horn (I'm calling it now that Jerry will eventually hold every BOD position :))
      Trail Boss - Andy Sheppard
      Admin - Sarah Sheppard (no collusion allowed between you two! :))

      Additionally, a motion has been seconded to change the bylaws to remove membership dues requirements for BOD members.
      Current members can vote on the topic here ahead of the meeting: **Proposed By Law Change - BOD Membership Dues**

      See you there!
      Check out our Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/delawarejeep/