Tj Tube Fenders (Sold)

    • Tj Tube Fenders (Sold)

      I’m gonna be swapping my tube fenders for a highline kit over the winter. They are not off yet but if anyone is looking for a set let me know and I’ll get them off sooner than later. They are a diy fender complete with stock inner fenders welded to them. They look a lot like the rugged ridge 2” tube fenders. There are some scrapes and one dented spot on the drivers side tube. The paint could definitely use redone. I’m thinking $150. Let me know if your interested.
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    • 'Tonka' - I like the way you did those side marker lights (though I'd probably wipe them off of there on the first tree I could find!) They look like they're big enough to pass Delaware inspection. DMV failed me because my LED side markers had less than 4 square inches of lighted lens!