​DEJA Calendar 2022

  • DEJA Calendar 2022

    Sunday 30th- Virtual membership meeting, 7pm

    13th 11AM-1PM Jeep Meet and Greet location WAWA Capital Trail/Harmony Rd
    19th- 9AM Trail Ride at AOAA

    13th Jeep Meet and Greet 11AM-1PM WAWA Camden
    19th- 8:30AM Trail Ride at Rausch

    26th- Membership Meeting

    9th- Meet n Greet Harvest Ridge Food Truck Competition
    16th- 9AM Trail Ride at AOAA

    23rd- Club Comp at Rausch

    7th- Member Appreciation Ride & Meeting at AOAA
    15th 11AM-1PM Meet and Greet Buffalo Wild Wings Middletown

    11th 11-1 PM Meet & Greet at Cabelas
    18th- 8:30AM Trail Ride at Rausch

    2nd- Surf Fishing Tournament at Cape
    10th- Membership Meeting Stewart’s Brewing Company Bear DE
    14th 11AM - 1PM Jeep Meet & Greet Arenas Five Points Lewes DE 20th- 8:30AM Trail Ride at Rausch
    16th- 9AM Trail Ride at AOAAAugust13th- Cornhole Tournament & Beach Cleanup at Cape
    22nd-25th- OC Jeep Week
    23-24 All Breeds Jeep Show- Carlisle, PA

    10th- 9AM Trail Ride at AOAA
    11th 11AM - 1PM Mobility Air Command Museum at DAFB Meet and Greet.
    17th- Individual Comp at Rausch24th- Membership Meeting

    9th Meet and Greet 11AM-1PM Wawa Marrows Road/ 273 Newark DE
    19th- 8:30AM Trail Ride at Rausch

    13th Meet and Greet 11AM-1PM Fifer’s Orchard Wyoming DE
    26th- 9AM Trail Ride at AOAA?? Membership Meeting

    10th- 8:30AM Trail Ride at RauschTBD- Jeeps for Joy Wish List Drive

  • Thanks for the add! I am new to the jeep community and absolutely enjoy being a jeep owner. What is next being a jeep owner? I've been out to wharton state park for off-roading trail. My next addition is a winch for my jeep.

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