THE GARAGE 10% discount on parts and discounts on some other services

  • DEJA would like to give a shout out to our friend Jeff Celeste offering club discounts to "The Garage"

    Our shop is located in North East MD, it's Elkton/North East. We will be happy to offer any club member a 10% discount on parts and we can offer discounts on some other services as they arise. We are a full service shop, maintenance, repairs, lift kits, wheels and tires, performance work etc. Thanks! Jeff


    1920 W. Pulaski Hwy

    Elkton Md 21921


    Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die. Have a beer.

    Jeeps Owned... 89YJ, 81CJ-8, 99XJ, 93XJ, 00WJ, 05LJ, 22Bronco Badlands !

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