OEM items for sale off my 2019 JLUR

  • Front and rear drive shafts. $100 each or $180 for both

    Rear axles $300

    Rear steel bumper $180

    Tie rod $30

    Drag link $30

    Front and rear track bar $30 each or $50 both

    Aluminum knuckles $100

    Smittybilt 2781 air compressor $50

    OEM Skid FREE

    Rear Fender/bumper trim piece FREE

    PM for pics.

  • Front and rear track bars. $30/each or $50 for both.

    Any of the stuff listed is great to have as a spare for your JL/JLU.

    Plus it helps me clean out my garage. LOL

  • I also have the 2in springs and Fox shocks from the Mopar 3rd generation lift. $400. The shocks have no damage and no signs of leaks.

    It was on my Unlimited Rubi with the 3.6L, steel bumper and tow group.

  • I'll install them for you! They should fit all JLs. I netted around 2.5in on my setup.The final lift height will vary on your setup. I would suggest getting an adjustable track bar or relocation brackets. Plus to help with caster, maybe front lower control arms. You buy it, I'll put it on for you. I'll include the rear red Rubi tow hook. The front sway links are also included. As you can tell, they'll shine up nicely. I got some over spray on the shocks, Sorry. A single Fox shock can cost $400. Check out my other items for sale off my JLU. Thanks for looking. GM Zeke.

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