July 2nd- Non-Competitive Gathering of People who Happen to Own Jeeps while Actively Surf Fishing

  • Ok, folks we will be keeping all information for the Surf Fishing gathering here for reasons.

    When: Saturday, July 2nd. Fishing officially starts at 9am and we call it at 3.

    * Please try to get our there as early as possible. Beaches are filling up super fast lately. I would recommend Shoot for 7-8 am

    Where: Navy Crossing. Turn left after the crossing, we will meet just past the big dune. Near the DEJA Adopt a beach sign.

    * We also will be doing some beach clean up in our adopted area

    How: If you have a tag, drive on out. If not, walk out, or get a ride on.


    1. E-Z ups are always great to have.

    2. Have ALL DENREC required equipment and paperwork. They usually do vehicle inspections on holiday weekends.

    3. Food and drink. Bring extra and share. Its a theme of the event.

    4. Must be a member to participate.

    Prizes.. yes freebies and prizes.

    *All members get a color changing DEJA cup just for coming.

    1st place Complete high end travel surf fishing combo. Reel, 4 piece rod, sand spike, line, fish bites, rigs, weights, and a full carrying case.

    2nd Place $50 QTEC Gift card. (if no clear winner will be randomly given away)

    We will have several random giveaways as well.

    Special secret last place prize for the worst catch of the day!


    Sat Jul 2 5:38am 0.37 ft Low Tide

    Sat Jul 2 11:42am 3.49 ft High Tide

    Sat Jul 2 5:21pm 0.50 ft Low Tide

    Basic rule : Biggest finned fish, if no finned fish caught larges shark, then skate then Horseshoe crab. In the case of a total skunk, random winners will be chosen.

    Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die. Have a beer.

    Jeeps Owned... 89YJ, 81CJ-8, 99XJ, 93XJ, 00WJ, 05LJ

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