Another OLD jeeper

  • Hey there wanted to say hello from Caln PA, been Just bought my second Wrangler last year slowly building it out 1st wrangler was a 2001 TJ that I ran for 6 years last year I finally bought its replacement, a 2021 rubicon I opted for the 4 door to have room to haul the dog. The sacrifices we make for our animals.

    Hope to see you at some of your events soon!

  • Welcome. Hasn’t been much activity in the web site lately, but we are still around. If you are on FB, look up the club. Glad to have you around

  • Welcome to the group!

    Member since 2000

    Jeeps Owned'79 CJ5:


    - 258 I6

    - '93 Cherokee fuel injection and HO head,

    - bored 30 over

    - with 4x4 cam

    T18 tranny with granny low / Dana 18 t-case

    Dana 44 front and back from late '70s Wagoneer, both locked and loaded with 4.88 gears

    SOA on modified YJ springs with shackle reversa

    Fiberglass tub with 6 point cage mounted to the frame

    2015 Grand Cherokee Limited

    Quadratec Floor mats

  • Welcome, we have a meeting coming up in November, definitely look up the FB pages. We will add you.

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    DEJA FB Group | Facebook
    Welcome to Delaware Jeep Association's FB Group! We began as a loosely formed group of friends and our main purpose was to provide a place for people to meet…

    Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die. Have a beer.

    Jeeps Owned... 89YJ, 81CJ-8, 99XJ, 93XJ, 00WJ, 05LJ, 22Bronco Badlands !

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