Im new on here and your Artec Industries contact

  • Hey guys Im new on here so I figured I would introduce myself. I'm Tom. Im originally from Baltimore an spent my summers as a child all the way into my early 20s in Fenwick Island and Ocean city Md. I've been into Jeeps and wheeling for 18years and turned my passion into a career about 12 years ago when I moved from the Md to Dfw TX and started working for 4wp I was there for a few years before Moving here to Utah an been with Artec Industries about 6 years ago. My personal rigs are a 89Yj (the smurf) currently 4.0ho swapped ax15 231 with 5.5" bds lift fox shocks, 35" km2's dirtylife beadlocks aa sye Reid 30to44 conversion knuckles. Artec steering warn hubs Chromoly shafts 4.56 gears spartan locker and a 8.8 rear with 4.56 gears. Trailgear cage. I am currently gathering parts to build my Superduty 60(05+) and My 01 sterling 10.5 rear I will be going 3link front and triangualted rear on 14" travel coilovers swapping in an atlas 4 speed an aw4 stretching the front 8" and rear 12" going full hydro on 40-42" tires.

    I also have a 99 XJ(Rihanna)with artec steering 4.56 gears 3.5" re coils and leafs , bilstein 5100 shocks , Rigidco winchbumper and sliders with jcr fuel tank skid.

    The Artec Rig you'll see me in on the trails is my favorite one in their fleet its a 14 JKU Sport. With 5.5" RK coils, Ads shocks, running Artec aluminum 3link longarms front and rear Artec bellypan, bumpers, crossmember, artec steering , psc big bore box , psc hydro assist , Kp 60 5.13 gears arb locker yukon shafts with our 1ton swap kits and yukon hardcore hubs. With a 14bolt out back with yukon shafts 5.13 gears and arb. On 20x9.5 kmc grenade beadlocks with 42" Red label krawlers .

    I used to wheel at Paragon pick your poison was my favorite trail their before it was shut down. And Rausch Creek mainly in blacks. Crawl daddy , crawler ridge , trail 5, and yellow jacket were my jam back in the day. My current place to play is Sand Hollow in Southern Utah and Price about 2hours outside of Slc and Moab. On a 10 scale I mainly enjoy run 8/10 level trails and will run some 9/10 level trails when I want to get pushed out of my comfort zone.

  • Tom,

    Thanks for Joining us! And thanks again for the amazing donations to our members dinner. We have a few guys that go out west to Moab and others on their annual pilgrimages. There are rumors that Paragon may be re-opening. We usually wheel at Rausch Creek as well as Anthracite Off Road Adventure Area (AOAA). Sweet rigs look very well built. Ever compete? I'm currently rebuilding my 81 Scrambler with a new fiberglass body. Its got a 4.0 from a 93xj, locked Scout 44s, full cage with 35s. Fun rig. She should be pretty in the next year.


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  • That’s awesome. There’s a couple things on my wish list once I finally get back out on the trails.

  • What are your thoughts on Sand Hollow? Based on what I've read it seems to be mostly stuff on the low end 1-5 and then it goes right up to 11/10. It's either fun for stock vehicles or rear steer buggies. If you're on 33-37's there doesn't seem to be much that falls into the 'challenging but fun' category. Truth or not so much?

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