Halo LED Headlights

  • Assuming you already bought them, you can install them yourself. I've done it more than once in the parking lot at work. ;) You'll need a trim tool or a wide flat-head screwdriver to remove the grill clips, and a Torx screwdriver (forget the size to remove/reinstall the headlight trim ring. Then use a T15 torx (JK) or phillips screwdriver (JL) to adjust the headlight (it'll be aimed higher or lower than the original lights).

    If you don't have any tools or time to do it, any auto shop can swap out the lights, you don't need a Jeep specific shop.

    Jerry / Whatevah

    2020 Gladiator Mojave - 33" Falken mud tires, LoD side steps, Zroadz bed rack, Quadratec QRC winch bumper, Superwinch EPi 9.0, Kleinn on-board air, Kleinn air horns, lots of lights, Yaesu ham radio with GPS tracker.

    Gone- 2012 JK Rubicon with stuff. Long gone- Long-arm 2001 Cherokee with stuff.

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