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  • Well, was at work (Quadratec) and looking at local clubs etc.., and came across this club. Previously about the only thing I have supported/belonged to has been Jeepers Back the Blue as Jeff was a co-worker of mine before I retired. While I get to deal with jeep parts and interact with customers at work I miss the the interaction while not working. My wife thinks I am nuts because I started modifying my 2020 JLU Diesel immediately right after buying it and have not stopped yet. Was waiting for Jeep to offer 2 things, a diesel and the color Sarge Green and once they did I drove to a small dealership in Va. and picked her up in 2020. Look forward to meeting other liked minded jeep owners and continue my jeep journey. I currently also have a 03 TJ I bought for my son, now if he could only learn to drive a stick we will be good. That's a bout me in a nutshell.


    aka Johnnygreenjeep

  • Thanks

    will post a picture soon

  • Welcome John. 20year member and Quadratec customer. Nice to have you. If you are in FB, the group page has more info to what’s going on locally.

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