HornBlasters supports DEJA!

  • Hey guys, HornBlasters is supporting DEJA this season by sending a cool item for our members dinner giveaways. Be sure to check them out and return the favor if you need any air horns or compressor kits. They have a wide variety of systems but even have custom kits for the 4-door Wranglers, check them out here: https://hornblasters.com/pages…or-jku-jlu-jeep-wranglers

    Jerry / Whatevah

    2020 Gladiator Mojave - 33" Falken mud tires, LoD side steps, Zroadz bed rack, Quadratec QRC winch bumper, Superwinch EPi 9.0, Kleinn on-board air, Kleinn air horns, lots of lights, Yaesu ham radio with GPS tracker.

    Gone- 2012 JK Rubicon with stuff. Long gone- Long-arm 2001 Cherokee with stuff.

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