2021 JLU Premium Soft Top

  • Hey guys! I just recently purchased a new Bestop half top for my Jeep. I now have an extra soft top I need to get rid of. I'm open to offers, right now I have it posted for $1600. Likewise, I don't know what these things sell for, so make an offer! I just moved and things are still packed, but I can post more pictures once I unload everything (tomorrow is my plan!)

    Overall, the top is in good condition. The windows have normal wear and tear; but no real damage making it unusable. It's the premium top, so it also looks really nice, with tinted windows.

    The best way to contact me is via text (I'm working two jobs at the moment). This is my Google voice number, for my own privacy, feel free to text me: Three Zero Two Three Six Four 0826.

    I posted on CL as well - https://delaware.craigslist.or…-soft-top/7750491556.html

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