Where to sell a 1964 CJ5

  • My wife and I bought it several years ago as an impulse purchase. We never use it it and would rather see someone take care of it. I thought this site may be a great way to connect with people who would appreciate it and take care for it.

  • Where are you and how much? Pictures always help

    Member since 2000

    Jeeps Owned'79 CJ5:


    - 258 I6

    - '93 Cherokee fuel injection and HO head,

    - bored 30 over

    - with 4x4 cam

    T18 tranny with granny low / Dana 18 t-case

    Dana 44 front and back from late '70s Wagoneer, both locked and loaded with 4.88 gears

    SOA on modified YJ springs with shackle reversa

    Fiberglass tub with 6 point cage mounted to the frame

    2015 Grand Cherokee Limited

    Quadratec Floor mats

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