• Looking to get some guidance here. I have always owned jeeps that have been pre 2000 with the inline 6. Well the little one isn't so little anymore and she's been complaining about climbing into the back of the TJs. That being said the debate has begun to sell one of the jeeps and get a 4door however I know nothing about them. I know everything has its own quirks and issues so what years are good ones to stay away from or which ones to lean towards. It will be a 3rd vehicle for taking out on the beach and for winter driving when needed. Majority of the time the doors will be off. Dont want anything to hi-tech because it will get stuck in rain storms and not trying to have a payment. Any help would be great. Obviously I've read numerous pros and cons online but looking for real life experience from here. Thanks in advance.

  • I would counter that sticker with, "like a two seater"

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  • Agree. 2012+ The 3.6 is a superior engine . 3.8 (pre 2012) were prone to oil burning. Early 2012 3.6 had a casting issue on the head so keep an eye out for that.

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