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    I bumped up the quota for all members, hopefully that'll fix it for you. But, to delete conversation, you'll need to be on the conversation list page Conversations - Delaware Jeep Association ( and hit the check box above the conversation list. That'll select all conversations on the current display (20 per page). Sadly, you'll need to go to the next page and select those, and so on.... Once you have everything selected that you want to delete, look in the bottom right corner of the browser where it says ## Conversations, click on that and choose "Leave" to delete them.

    Technically speaking, you should go to a shop so they can pull a vacuum and then add the refrigerant. But, considering that you're more than likely going to need to replace some stuff in a year or two... might as well save the money and just get a kit from Advance Auto (right, TheDarkSide ?). If you want to get it taken care of properly now, check with an AC shop to diagnose why it's low. It leaked somewhere... if you're lucky, it'll just be a dry rotted o-ring, but more likely you'll have to swap out the evaporator or condenser. Hopefully not the evaporator, that's a PITA to replace.

    Sounds fun. I'm going to try to be there, I'll know for sure as we get a little closer. I'm a newb and it will be the first time out so I'll start with green/blue I think? It would be good to scout things out for the big group ride in May when I bring the whole family.

    Is there a club radio we use? I have a beofeng vhf/uhf handheld but no license so I can listen but not broadcast. Do you guys tend to use gmrs or CB? I might pick one up before the ride.

    Officially, I think the club is still using CB, although several do have FRS/GMRS radios. I have a ham license and can run FRS/GMRS. Actually, I don't have a CB in my new Jeep, I guess I'll have to pick up a handheld. Probably worth a discussion later this year.

    I would never pay over MSRP. Too many Jeep dealers out there still selling Wranglers/Gladiators for invoice or less. You might have to take a road trip, but it's worth it. By the time we're ready to dump her car for a JL or Bronco, I'm hopeful that the supply chain is back to normal and the insane markups are long gone.

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    What's your pick? The desert runner with a V6 turbo, or a rock crawler with a big V8?

    My wife really likes the Bronco, and we might get one in a few years, but probably not the Raptor, just too much money. It's fun to dream though. ;) If we were going to drop that much money, then it would be a tough decision, the power output of the V8 is great for offroaders. Even though I'm a Mopar guy, Ford did a lot right with the new Bronco.

    What plans do you have for your Jeep this year?

    I'm planning to add diff guards and hopefully a lift kit somewhere during the year. With the extra length of the Gladiator, breakover and departure angles are a little rough, so hoping to add a 3" lift. Although, that might start down the slippery slope with now having a lot of wheelwell space and needing to add bigger tires to help it look proportional. :hmm:

    Anyone interested in a black Spiderweb shade for a JK? It's the front section, so fits either 2-door or short bus. Several years old, but only used a few times since the hardtop rarely came off. $20 Located in Marshallton, DE 19808

    Doing a little garage cleaning... found a 8.25" axle shaft, 29 spline. Also found a D30 drivers side shaft, not sure what size u-joint but it feels a bit loose.

    Either (or both) is yours for a 12pack of Coca-Cola. Going to the landfill next Wednesday, so claim them quick. Located in Marshallton, DE 19808.

    It's that time of year, folks! What did your Jeep get for Christmas? Mine got a Quadratec gift certificate (thanks, brother!), which will be put toward a front diff cover. I also treated my Jeep by making it a little more civilized by putting the rear seats back in on Christmas Eve. lol Took out the flat platform I made for camping gear and my 12v fridge.

    More splines is stronger, so 29 is good. A D44 or 8.8 are always better to build on for the aftermarket support, of course the 8.8 is a little narrow for a TJ, but we've dealt with it since it's often easier to find than a proper-width used D44. Sadly, I don't know if the 8.25" brackets are in the proper locations for a TJ, probably not...

    The XJ 8.25 axles were either 27 or 29spl depending on the year. Those had larger axle tubes, so were considered almost equal in strength to a D44, trading the gears and shafts vs the build strength of the 8.25. A D44 is still stronger and more desirable though.

    I'm not really familiar with the Commander specs, but it should have 29spline shafts, 3" axle tubes and the possibility of a factory e-locker or limited slip, in addition to being set up for control arms.