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    Cleaning up my garage a bit, have 2 5-760X ujoints... anyone need them? My Gladiator doesn't need these. I think one is missing the clips. Free to a club member, I'm located near Prices Corner (19808). Send me a PM or reply here if you want them.

    Assuming you already bought them, you can install them yourself. I've done it more than once in the parking lot at work. ;) You'll need a trim tool or a wide flat-head screwdriver to remove the grill clips, and a Torx screwdriver (forget the size to remove/reinstall the headlight trim ring. Then use a T15 torx (JK) or phillips screwdriver (JL) to adjust the headlight (it'll be aimed higher or lower than the original lights).

    If you don't have any tools or time to do it, any auto shop can swap out the lights, you don't need a Jeep specific shop.

    Maybe I did the same thing Tonka did? I followed this link to renew my membership:

    I filled out the form thinking I'd get to somehow mark it as a renewal but never did.

    Can someone point me in the right direction for a membership renewal?

    oy, I just noticed that... it was a typo in Steve's post. Sorry about that, I just glossed over the post since I already knew the details. :doh:

    50/50 chance we have to bail at the last minute

    1. Steve Dey - Driving LJ

    2. Tim Muhlmichl JT

    3. Glenn & Nancy

    4. Tony & Beth

    5. Josh & Emily

    6. Andy & Sarah - Maybe CJ but likely TJ

    7. Matt & Jess Brandner TJ or JK or JT or what ever else he buys before then

    8. Jerry &/or Wife Alex in JT

    9. Ryan and family

    10. Steve Mcdowell

    11. Jay and Terry Guyer

    12. Dave, wife and Son (12). JLUR

    13. Maria and Todd Ruckle

    14. Summer JKU

    15. Rob JK

    16. Beachgirl

    17. David & Krista JT

    18. Dan & Brianne WL

    19. Jimmy JL

    20. Courtney Reed - JL

    21. Rob Murphy- Tonka

    22. Adam Storey-JT

    23. Kelly W with niece and nephew. 2021 JL

    24. Virginia & Chris. Possibly her parents as well. 2008 JK.

    25. YJDave & Kevin possibly others 2014 JK

    26. Anjie & Tom - Pearl

    27. Denis Woltemate / 83 Scrambler

    28.Swift1too - JK

    29. Stafford & Mel - probably in the TJ if the battery isn't dead

    30. CherryDarling98XJ - John and Faith 98XJ

    31. KiddoRN - Wendy JLU

    Hi! My name is John, my wife is Faith and our ‘98 XJ is Cherry Darling. We just bought her in January. Is there room for us? We are not members yet, I just recently found you guys while looking for a Blue Rocks game to attend. Please let me know if we can be added to the list. I would love to drive her on the field and I have a big American flag to fly as well.


    Welcome! We think we can fit 40 Jeeps onto the field and we're currently around 30 on the list. So come on out and we'll definitely squeeze you in if there's room.

    I bumped up the quota for all members, hopefully that'll fix it for you. But, to delete conversation, you'll need to be on the conversation list page Conversations - Delaware Jeep Association ( and hit the check box above the conversation list. That'll select all conversations on the current display (20 per page). Sadly, you'll need to go to the next page and select those, and so on.... Once you have everything selected that you want to delete, look in the bottom right corner of the browser where it says ## Conversations, click on that and choose "Leave" to delete them.

    Technically speaking, you should go to a shop so they can pull a vacuum and then add the refrigerant. But, considering that you're more than likely going to need to replace some stuff in a year or two... might as well save the money and just get a kit from Advance Auto (right, TheDarkSide ?). If you want to get it taken care of properly now, check with an AC shop to diagnose why it's low. It leaked somewhere... if you're lucky, it'll just be a dry rotted o-ring, but more likely you'll have to swap out the evaporator or condenser. Hopefully not the evaporator, that's a PITA to replace.

    Sounds fun. I'm going to try to be there, I'll know for sure as we get a little closer. I'm a newb and it will be the first time out so I'll start with green/blue I think? It would be good to scout things out for the big group ride in May when I bring the whole family.

    Is there a club radio we use? I have a beofeng vhf/uhf handheld but no license so I can listen but not broadcast. Do you guys tend to use gmrs or CB? I might pick one up before the ride.

    Officially, I think the club is still using CB, although several do have FRS/GMRS radios. I have a ham license and can run FRS/GMRS. Actually, I don't have a CB in my new Jeep, I guess I'll have to pick up a handheld. Probably worth a discussion later this year.