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    XJs can be finicky to get air out of the system as well. I found that jacking the front drivers side up as high as you can then filling the system helped get the air bubbles out of the system. Getting the radiator fill as high as possible is key.

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    4 BFG All Terrain ko2 31x10.50x15 Tires on Jeep TJ/LJ Ravines. Tires are like new with tons of tread maybe 10k miles. Wheels are a little rough, clear coating peeling and some corrosion. I Also have a 5th ravine wheel and factory 30x9.50x15 spare tire which have never touched the ground. Wheel is in great shape as well. These all came from an 05 LJ and would work great for a stock-ish Jeep or a set of inspection tires. $400 OBO.

    The sway bar link is definitely wrong. Move that to the inside. That upper control arm bushing looks like it’s coming out and it almost looks like the upper arm may be twisted in the wrong direction or upside down. That bushing could be a big part of your issue if it’s not seated or worn out. The joints on the lower arms are probably ok as long as the other end is twisted in the Sam direction. Your lugnuts coming off probably didn’t help the situation either. I’d correct those things and tighten everything down and go from there. Also make sure your tires are well balanced and you don’t have crazy amounts of air pressure.

    You can buy a ball hone for a drill. As long as there is no major cylinder wear you can run the hone through to get a good crosshatch pattern on the cylinder walls. That will allow the rings to seat properly. It’s cheap insurance while it’s apart.

    Anyone need a nice kitchen table and chairs? Nice oak table, includes a leaf to make it larger and 4 chairs two with arms and two without. Excellent condition.
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    What do the rest of the plugs look like? I think you are getting ahead of yourself. Before you rip the motor apart check other things. Maybe you just have a bad wire on that cylinder or a burnt cap and rotor. If there is no coolant in the oil no white smoke likely isn’t a head gasket. If the cap rotor and wires pan out and that’s your only oil fouled plug then A compression check is a good Thing to try. The gauge can be bought for cheap at HF.

    Best option would be to get rid of that boat anchor Ford engine and put in a chebby.