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    Fortunately it spun the same way. Some motors route the belts differently causing a different rotation of the fan and water pump.

    The next time I brake down I'll make sure I'm by BBD's house so I can get a free dinner too. :rollsmile: Glad you made it home. How many miles are on your vehicle? Usually water pumps are good for 100,000 miles.

    Associated truck parts off of rt. 273 (by Rambleton Acres). They do good work but sometimes you have to wait a week or so. How long of a drive shaft do you need? I have a few lengths, you might get lucky. Of course mine have u-joints at both ends.

    I was thinking of putting an extra set of lights on for fog but you need to mount them lower which means they would get smashed on the rocks (during one of the few times I get to go out on the trail).

    Since I switched IPF H4 bulbed head lights the lights are brighter than ever. I just wish my beam adjusters worked.

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    :laughing: I like rolling up next to one and flipping on my rock lights. That keeps em baffled for a minute. :laughing:

    It's an off-roader's version of neon lights under the vehicle! I bet you get all the homies looking when you do that.

    In the past I have read people having problems with ARBs when running 35" tires. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the way they are setting them up or what. But it might be worth researching.

    I was just wondering. I've thought about getting lights but I never see anyone who has them actually use them except during really bad weather (which I usually don't like to go out). I guess they would be good for night time runs too.

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    i think it would be pretty easy to fashion one out of some heavy guage tin. one round piece with the lug holes punched out...rivet on some standoff brackets, and then rivet another piece to that for bolting the plate too. i have a rivet gun at my house right now if you want to try and make tin though :(

    hmmm....It might be a good use for those rear hubs I pulled off of the tapered axles. They are already the right bolt pattern. I would just need to run longer bolts though the mounted spare and maybe rig up a spring loaded fold down mechanism for the liscense plate.

    There's ANOTHER item on the "to do" list.

    You probably just have an air pocket trapped somewhere preventing the thermostat from opening. I had that problem and drilled a teeny tiny hole in the thermostat to allow any trapped air to bleed out.

    Hey Icky, if your family's mountain is to be used, is there anything that needs done to prepare it, like clearing a flat area for pitching tents, setting up a fire pit, or anything along those lines?