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    i think it would be pretty easy to fashion one out of some heavy guage tin. one round piece with the lug holes punched out...rivet on some standoff brackets, and then rivet another piece to that for bolting the plate too. i have a rivet gun at my house right now if you want to try and make tin though :(

    hmmm....It might be a good use for those rear hubs I pulled off of the tapered axles. They are already the right bolt pattern. I would just need to run longer bolts though the mounted spare and maybe rig up a spring loaded fold down mechanism for the liscense plate.

    There's ANOTHER item on the "to do" list.

    You probably just have an air pocket trapped somewhere preventing the thermostat from opening. I had that problem and drilled a teeny tiny hole in the thermostat to allow any trapped air to bleed out.

    Hey Icky, if your family's mountain is to be used, is there anything that needs done to prepare it, like clearing a flat area for pitching tents, setting up a fire pit, or anything along those lines?