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    I will put out spike strips...too many A'holes going way too fast. Sometimes its a crap shoot just pulling out of the driveway :badidea: But nice jeep Billy

    Bob 25 plus years ago all the McManssions were not on that road and traffic was a 1/4 what it is now. I tried once to back a trailer into your driveway but couldn't get a break in traffic.

    Not talking smack. Just looking for a good run. Hopefully Billy at least does some break in before going for gold....but it’s billy, so who knows LOL.

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    Screw break in run it hard from day one, they always seem to run best and longer than a engine that is babied and then beat on! Just ask your cousin Greg.

    Let me know and ill be the starter! I know where there is a nice straight roughly a 1/4 mile long section on 842 that maybe right in front of a DEJA members house that i raced on years ago!

    I have a Banks on my YJ but like Jerry said I've replaced mine once with a updated design, but honestly if I had to do it over again I would have just used the aftermarket design that has the flex joint in it. I don't think other than a change in the exhaust tone I noticed any real power gains and I had the Banks cat back exhaust as well. I say save your money and spend it at the bar.

    I had mine done at Blitz Auto in kennet square. they do a lot of 4.0l and the old man knows his stuff, short block came back better than new

    I'm glad you it worked out good for you, I've a few to many bad experiences with them to try them again. It almost makes me wonder if they didn't just get you a reman engine from there supplier like they were doing years ago.

    I trying to remember what I did to fix my old 2000 XJ when it had this same problem, I believe I found a broken wire in the R/F door jam area, I know I had this problem on and off for a few years and it always seemed to happen after a few days of rain.

    Stopped by Miller's today. He was polite but outright said he had no real interest in doing a Jeep engine. If i insisted he do it I would have to wait 5 months or so at a price tag of 3k give or take a little.
    I'll check Alderman's out next.

    I'm banking on he gave you an outrageous price and time frame in order to dissuade you from using their shop. "No thank you sir, I don't like money.. I have plenty."

    Charlie is a one man show and i'm sure he's up to his eyeballs right now with work with the Racing and Diesel Pulling season right around the corner. If I think of anyone else I'll let you know.

    Damn thats a long list I feel like I need to take a nap after just reading it. Sorry to hear the JK needs a radiator again.

    Seems dumb to install it twice. Your Jeep runs now. I'd drive it as you determine how much freshening up the V8 needs.
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    Easy for me to swap a engine, I'm thinking get the 5.3L and 4L60E transmission in and running this year and build another next winter with more power!