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    I got one similar to the one you're looking at, but I only got a single radio. I just got it this week, so I haven't played with it much yet. I wanted the 8 watts, and the accessories. AND you are supposed to have an FCC license to operate a HAM radio. I'm going to work on mine.

    For hikes, the state has some wooded areas towards Smyrna off of 13 called Black Bird forest. The dogs aren't really supposed to be off leash there either, but it's not unusual to see it there, but there is horseback riding there usually on weekends and horse people get upset real quick when dogs are off leash. Also, in the summer, ticks are real bad there.

    Lums pond has a trail to an off leash area for dogs. There are other trails connected to that area you can get away with hiking, but the other trails are used by horse riders (also on weekends), and they are touchy there too. If you see a horse trailer there, stick to the dog only trail, or keep them on a leash. Lums pond is a state park, and there is a fee, but I recommend going to the park office and get a yearly pass. It's cheaper in the long run. You can pay by the day, but I've seen tickets passed out to those who didn't.

    Middletown, DE has a park on Levels Road. As part of the park, there is a 3 acre area for small dogs, and a 5 acre area for large dogs. Drinking fountains for dogs, and a couple benches for people. Probably the best dog park I've ever seen.

    That's what I told her, but she didn't believe me!

    (I especially like the part about Stafford and Billy.)

    1. Captain II
    2. Stafford +1
    3. Captain
    4. Esoom
    5. MrJoop +1
    6. Whatevah
    7. Astspe + 1
    8. Slimer's
    9. KitKat (Slimer's wife)
    10. Brian & Kelly Frank (maybe kiddos but hoping to make alternate arrangements)
    11. Shorebird
    12. Imarammr
    13. Kimber
    14. Solomi +1.5
    15. JKGray10
    16. AEZ
    17. JimPKeith +1 (Miranda aka wife)
    18. Kuntryboy816 +1 ....might just sign her up for membership before the party
    19. YJDave + Maggie
    20. deadfeat - can help out, can get there early.
    21. TheDarkSide + nutrijeeper
    22. Spedly
    23. Katie
    24. Sandtostand
    25. KnoxRents + 3 kids
    26. Lisel
    27. Antnyr
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    36. 2000sahara
    37. Jcab
    38.JKJeeper + 1

    I bought the ticket, but forgot to put my name on this list.

    Final official list. I figured out how to export as .csv which made it much easier to clean up. :)

    First NameLast NameQuantityTicket Type
    JerrodBates3DEJA 2018 Member
    KathrynBrereton1DEJA 2018 Member
    JenniferClendaniel1DEJA 2018 Member
    JoelDevich1DEJA 2018 Member
    StevenDey1DEJA 2018 Member
    JamesDiDonato1Adult Guest of Member
    JamesDiDonato1DEJA 2018 Member
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    DawnJaquette1DEJA 2018 Member
    bobjaquette1DEJA 2018 Member
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    BryantJeffrey1Adult Guest of Member
    BryantJeffrey2Child Guest of Member
    DanielKirkley1DEJA 2018 Member
    MatthewKonkle1DEJA 2018 Member
    ChrisKoran2DEJA 2018 Member
    Ed & JenKostik2DEJA 2018 Member
    SteveMalchodi1DEJA 2018 Member
    DawnMarino1Adult Guest of Member
    DawnMarino1DEJA 2018 Member
    SteveMcDowell1DEJA 2018 Member
    JeremiahMiller1DEJA 2018 Member
    JeremiahMiller1Adult Guest of Member
    RobertMorgan3DEJA 2018 Member
    GlennNutter2DEJA 2018 Member
    Anthony/JillReder/Rehrig2DEJA 2018 Member
    KeithSchussler1DEJA 2018 Member
    deeshepperd1DEJA 2018 Member
    EdwardSlaughter1DEJA 2018 Member
    KarenSlaughter1DEJA 2018 Member
    GeoffStafford1DEJA 2018 Member
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    JodieWood1DEJA 2018 Member
    SarahWoods2DEJA 2018 Member
    MatthewZadroga1DEJA 2018 Member

    If it's not too late, I'd like to add my wife and myself. David Bennett (jkjeeper) I wasn't sure how to add to this list.