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  • Doug -

    Is the surf tourn June 30 or July 1? Where in cape hen is it?

  • Jku -

    so i just joined but did not get a chance to pay for membership yet and i wanted to come this saturday to hit the trails i cant find link to pay for membership. also will i be able to come saturday or do i have to pay also for a trailday fee

  • jkjeeper -

    Hey Stafford, I screwed up and didn't sign up for the party in time. Any chance you have room for me and my wife?

  • XJ318 -

    can you inbox me a number to call im intrested in the jump pack

  • sandtostand -

    hey maybe we can tie in the 101 with the member appreciation ride. ill volunteer to take a group

  • jmack -

    Quadna is willing to grab one of the coffee cups at the meeting this weekend for me. Can you let me know what the cost is and I'll paypal the money to the club?



  • FugiCherokee -

    Hello Mr President, I recently joined. I was wondering, am I allowed to go to the member party this weekend? I don't drink or eat much, well maybe eat.