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  • fyrestiks -

    Thanks for the input about the tires. I prefer to go with the 35X12.50R15, but have heard so many saying I would need to change my gears and drive shaft. I really do not want to change those things if at all possible. The gears in the Rubicon are 410's and i thought personally that would be fine. I do not do any off roading except the occasional beach driving in the summer. Have not purchased tires yet. Still debating, but I do really like how the 35's look.

    • jmack -

      I run the 33's on 4.10s with a 4cyl and have no problems, although top speed is 75 going downhill with a tailwind. I doubt you'd have any problems with them in a Rubicon.

    • fyrestiks -

      Thanks. Yea I am looking at Mickey Thompson 35X12.50. Have you heard much about Dick Cepek tires? They are cheaper, but look like a good tire. I personally do not know anyone with those.

    • fyrestiks -

      I have not changed u-joints. Guess should change them as well. Definitely will not hurt to change them.