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  • Hey Bob, wanted to thank you for coming to the party last night. I had fun (consuming many adult beverages) and definitely enjoyed u being here. Boy, am I feeling it today. Again, thanks for coming.

  • Thanks Bobby - that's what he emailed me too. The price seemed just a hair higher than what I can get it for from Quadratec, but it was worth a shot. I need to get the JKU regeared...pain in the ass towing the camper with highway gearing!!!

    • Are the one in Quadratec Yukon, I think Aaron said they where one of the better one out there. My dad was looking for new gears for the TJ he doesn't really have a usable overdrive anymore.

    • I had Yukon gears in my TJ, but I think I went with another brand for my father in law's XJ (can't remember right now which brand they were). I know back in the day Yukon was very good, but sometimes companies get bought/sold and quality can suffer. I'll have to do some googling to be sure I like them.