**DEJA Meet N Greet & BOD Nominations 9/14/19 @ Dover Grottos**

    • **DEJA Meet N Greet & BOD Nominations 9/14/19 @ Dover Grottos**


      Standard fun meet n greet, come out for a few hours to talk Jeeps, have a couple slices and a beverage or 20. DEJA will be providing free appetizers. This one is extra important as we will be doing the BOD nominations for calendar years 2020-2021.

      Don't hold me to this from a bylaw perspective but if anyone is interested in running for the BOD please post up here and someone will nominate you. We have 2 or 3 people from the BOD who would prefer to move on and would likely decline nominations. **WE NEED PEOPLE TO RUN FOR THE BOD PLEASE** We can figure out the exact open positions but for now I'd just be happy hearing from people willing to join the BOD.

      Personally for me, assuming you crazy kids nominate me for president again this will be my last term as BOD. It will be my 5th term on the BOD and I'm ready to pass the baton to someone else.
      Check out our Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/delawarejeep/