Toys for Tots Trail Rides

  • Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Toys for Tots trail rides. This is co-sponsored by BMJA, Paragon, Rausch Creek, benefiting the Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tot's campaign.

    This year, there will be two trail rides - Saturday October 29 at Paragon Adventure Park, and Sunday October 30 at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. Here is a notice from BMJA's calendar:

    This event is open to all vehicles. Delaware Jeep Association has traditionally had a large showing at these rides. Both these rides will qualify for a DeJA Trail Ride badge.

    You can come to Saturday's ride, Sunday's ride, or both. This will be posted on the calendar shortly.

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  • Posted today on BMJA's board:

  • Based on the results of the poll, the Saturday (10/29) ride at Paragon Adventure Park will be a DeJA. Let's have a good showing there. Please sign up on the calendar.

    Link to Calendar

    Meeting information will be posted shortly, once we see who is going.[/url]

  • I will be attending the ride on Saturday Oct 29 at Paragon. If anyone wants to meet up with me, I'll be at the new Wawa in N. Wilmington:

    Directions to the new Wawa:

    Follow I-95 north past the 202 (Foulk Road) and Marsh Road exits. Get off at Harvey Road, and turn right at the top of the ramp. Follow about 3/4 mile to Philadelphia Pike, the Wawa is on the corner there. It is a "super" Wawa with gas pumps and (I think) bathrooms. We will meet in the back.

    I'd like to head out of there by about 6:15. If you're meeting up with me, please be there in time to get your stuff and be ready to go by then. If no one is driving up there with me, I will not be linger at the Wawa, so either post or PM me if you are coming.

    Remember, bring a new unwrapped toy...

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